2 January 2009

Welcome to 2009!!!!!!!!!!!

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons bring
the best to you and yours!

Welcome to 2009!!

Last year at this time I shared the Top 10 dishes that received the most traffic on my personal blog. I am always seeking out new dishes and dreaming of warmer climates. For my friends down under you will find plenty of barbecue dishes here. To that end I would have to say that summer is my favourite "foodie" time of the year. What I wouldn't give to be sitting on my deck with barbecue utensils in one hand, sipping my latest favourite cocktail, and enjoying the warm sunshine on my face. My inspiration for my daily repertoire comes from my blogging friends like you, browsing the Internet, my cherished cookbooks and my ever growing pile of foodie magazines. As you can see it was very hard to narrow my list down to just a few, so, I just included all my favourites of 2008. This year looks so full of promise. I am looking forward with renewed spirit to all that it has to offer including delicious dishes shared with you!!!

"May the best of the past be the worst of the future." - Irish Blessing
So here we go...my favourite 30 or 40 dishes of 2008.......

Chicken Caprese Sandwich
Pumpkin Cheesecake with Walnut Topping
Maple Butter Tarts
Pumpkin Spice Muffins with Maple Cream Cheese Icing
Blueberry Lemon Poundcake
Aglaia's Orzo with Feta and Dill
Heirloom Tomato Salad with Pesto Vinaigrette
Blueberry Lemon Iced Tea
Ivy's Kolokythokeftedes
Mini Greek Turkey Meatballs
Mediterranean Layered Hummus
Nugget Potatoes with Pesto
Grilled Pizza with Pesto sauce and Herb Salad
Summer Vegetable Roesti
Broccoli Pesto
Dolmas Salad
Grilled Lamb Chops with Tzatziki
Marinated Goats Cheese in Vine Leaf Parcels
Pasta with Pesto and Roasted Chicken
Avocado Tzatziki
Greek Inspired Chicken Burgers
Crater Banana Bread
Barbecued Lamb & Beef Koftes
Chopped Chicken Mediterranean Salad with Feta Vinaigrette
English Muffin Loaves
Grilled Halloumi with Caper & Lemon Vinaigrette
Spring has Sprung Risotto
Lemony Goat Cheese & Asparagus Stuffed Rouladen for LiveStrong
Stuffed Artichoke Bread
Ricardo's Falafel with bi Tahina Sauce
Anguri me Feta ke Diosmo
Aflai Kremezi's Greek Lemon Oregano Potatoes
Dolmades with Avgolomeno Sauce
Greek Spinach Salad
Skillet Lasagna
Coeur la Creme with Raspberry Sauce
Very Good Spinach Salad
Mascarpone Brownies with Mascarpone Cheese Frosting
Greek Yogurt with Walnuts & Honey

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  1. What wonderful dishes! A great choice!



  2. I can see why it was difficult to narrow the faves down to just 10! You're doing a great job and I look forward to more of same in '09. All the best to you and yours,

  3. Sending you sunshine and hugs form Australia Val...a great choice! Happy 2009!

  4. You have a lot more than 30 delicious dishes sis. I would love to be at your table every day. I am looking forward to more new recipes to come.

  5. Tough foodie choices Val...delicious! That chicken caprese sandwich is on my list of things to do too (once the thyme recovers from the frost that got on it)! Have a wonderful 2009 Val. Look forward to loads of yummy stuff! HUGS to you my friend. Thanks for standing in there...LOL...you are so LUCKY she is already 21! xoxoxo

  6. Happy New Year Val...so many memories wrapped in all those dishes! 2009 is going to be great!

  7. All great choices Val, I remember so many of them. Looking forward to 2009 creations.

  8. i also get inspiration form other people's blogs about what to cook. my other inspiration is photographs: when i take a photo of a particular scene, i often wonder what i would have cooked according to the setting, the weather, the people at the event, etc

    i liked your photographic collages very much!

  9. I loved (and tried) so many of these!!! Can't wait to see what 2009 has in store!

  10. What a wonderful poem... thank you and hope your new year is filled with all of life's greatest joys and blessings.

    May your heart and fridge be always full!

  11. Val, this has certainly been a tasty year for you! Your food is incredible and I think I would love for you to cook for me someday! LOL! ;)

    Happy 2009, my friend!

  12. It's so hard to choose only a few favorites. I love your foodie collages. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but it was in the 80s here today and my neighbors are outside barbecuing in the sunshine. :)

  13. Happy New Year, hope 2009 is a banner year.

  14. Look at all of that great food! I look forward to more in 2009!

  15. Your 2008 favorites are wonderful, I'm so looking forward to 09 and all your creations!

  16. Happy New Year Val! Just to let you know, your skillet lasagna has become a favorite in my household, my sister's household and my mom's house. It's YUMMY!

  17. You produced some incredible dishes this year Val.

  18. A great roundup of delicious dishes, Val! Happy new year! Looking forward to more delicious food from you in 2009!

  19. Happy New Year!
    I still love your strawberry and cream cheese tart!!

  20. Val, I loved seeing all your beautiful food creations again. You are quite the cook, I can only imagine 2009 in your kitchen!

  21. Thanks for posing all of these great recipes at once! I'm absolutely bookmarking this to use for my next party! :)

  22. What an impressive line-up!! Happy New Year, Val!


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