18 August 2008

Zucchini Balls (Kolokythokeftedes)

Why do we blog? For everyone out there the reason may be different why we began blogging. In my case I started my blog to share my recipes with family and friends. It was a revelation one day that other people around the world were watching as well so the focus changed. What started as a means of recording family favourites and recipes I learned on my life changing sojourn to Greece and Keartisanal had changed forever. With more and more knowledge of other cuisines and methods of cooking I branched out and started to share recipes I had wanted to try. I began to challenge and push myself to the limit to come up with something innovative or tried recipes from my fellow bloggers, the net and cookbooks. All the hoopla about copyright and using recipes from other sources has made me a little gun shy of trying and writing about what others have done. In the end I have to remember why I started blogging and just continue to share what I have discovered with others.

In one short explanation I have started to grow as a cook and really became addicted to the challenge of blogging and experimentation. I think that one of the most valuable bonuses of blogging are all the friends I have made all over the world who follow my site when they can and offer their encouragement, unending friendship and insight. One such person I have met during this process is my blog sister Ivy at Kopiaste. Ivy and I have shared many delicious recipes and thoughts in general. She is always cooking up a storm in her kitchen in Athens where the love for her family and cooking shine through. For the most part she makes traditional Cypriot and Greek dishes that leave me drooling on my keyboard. 
**Zucchini Balls (Kolokythokeftedes)**

5 green zucchini, grated
1 onion, grated
5 spring onions finely chopped
½ bunch of parsley and dill, finely chopped
1 egg
2 spoonfuls of dried mint
Salt and pepper
1 teaspoonful of baking powder
1 spoonful of olive oil
1/2 cup of feta cheese, or xynomyzithra (crumbled) or grated halloumi, graviera or kefalotyri
Extra virgin olive oil for frying

Wash the vegetables and let them drain the water away. Grate the courgettes and onions and place into a colander with salt for half an hour. See how much water was drained. Squeeze to remove any remaining fluid. Place in a bowl with a slice of bread to absorb any excess fluid. Throw bread away before mixing all ingredients.

Now break the egg into the bowl and add cheese of your preference, spring onions, chopped herbs and salt and pepper.(Easy on the salt, as all cheese mentioned above are quite salty and don’t forget that we added salt to the grated courgettes). Continue to massage the mixture between fingers after adding flour and baking powder until you have a smooth, but not runny, consistency. After this, the mixture is helped by being allowed to stand in the fridge for, at least, an hour, before frying in olive oil. (I fried them the following day). Again place a slice of bread in the bowl because after standing, the mixture will ‘leak’ water or add a bit more flour to return to correct consistency.

Scoop out patties with a spoon, and make flattened patties on a floured surface. Fry in hot olive oil. The level of olive oil in the frying pan should cover half the patty. (Turn the patties once, browning both sides.

Finish by placing them on absorbent paper for a minute.
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  1. Sis, thanks for the mention. I AM DROOLING... What's that sauce you've put on top? Is it tzatziki? They look lovely. Would you believe I haven't made them this year. Tomorrow is farmers' market day, I think it's about time to make them although I was thinking of making some chickpea patties.

  2. That's another well deserved award! Those zucchini balls look well worth a try!

  3. What a great post Valli! I agree, I blog too mostly to keep up with all my new blogging friends and to share the wealth as they say! Thanks for keeping up the good work and sharing all these awesome treats with us! :)

  4. It's good to see you posting regularly again. The zucchini balls look delicious. Props to Ivy.

  5. I'm touched. Thanks, this is a nice award. It also got me a chance to discovered new blogs. You made my day.

  6. Val this sounds so great! I mean really so wonderfully prepared!

  7. Oh Thanks so much Val!! YOu are fully deserving of the award!!

  8. Your kolokythokeftes look like perfection, Val. I definitely think you have some Greek in your blood :)

  9. the zucchini balls look fabulous. i agree - i started blogging to record my recipes as well and have gotten off-track trying all the recipes that other bloggers have to offer, which are definitely more exciting and challenging!

  10. Well done Val. Your post was so thoughtful and well planned out. You've done Ivy's recipe proud.

  11. I always wonder what makes me people start food blogging. That's interesting that you wanted to share your recipes with family and friends. I think I was baking so much, I HAD to share it with someone.

    The zucchini balls look wonderful!

  12. A lovely post, and a lovely dish Val. Congrats on the award!

  13. These look absolutely wonderful! Congrats on the award, too.

    I was just talking with a friend the other day about how she missed zucchini balls from Greece, so I will point her this way.

  14. Thank you so much for the award, very nice to receive. I see how many great postings I have missed while off. I will be back up and running soon and looking forward to catching up on all your posts. Thanks again!

  15. i blog because i wasnt someone to hear what i've got to say (which of course may say something about how much i am heard in my own little neck of the woods...) and to hear (in the figurative sense) what others have to say about what I say - otherwise i'd be in constant hibernation where i am!

  16. Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables and these balls will absolutely be among my favorites. Great recipe :D

  17. Rebecca (Foodie With Family)August 19, 2008

    Those look amazing. And I'm glad to have another excellent zucchini recipe to add to the repetoire this time of year!

    I'll give this a whirl soon.

  18. Ah, I figured there would be a Greek version of these! T'is the season for yummy zucchini dishes, and boy those look (are!) yummy.

  19. These look delicious. I know what you mean about blogging becoming addictie and I too treasure all the new friends Ive made in such a short space of time

  20. This is such a tasty way to serve zucchini!

  21. Oh Val, Thanks so much for the award! I will pass it on as soon as I can! Love the zucchini balls!

  22. What a great recipe for zucchini. I've seen many patty recipes, but this has several original aspects to it. I love the idea of using bread to soak up the liquid, and using both regular onion and green onions sounds great. Anything with feta on it or in it works for me! Great photo, too!

  23. Congrats on the well-deserved award!
    And those zucchini balls look scrumptious!
    I really need to get over my fear of frying!

  24. Hi Val

    That is really sweet of you! I'm estremely flattered I have to say.

    Now the difficult bit. Would you be offended if I didn't do the usual 'rules' based around these? The only reason I say is because I try to keep my Blog simply for recipes. I know it sounds a bit AT but hey. Also, I think I would find it hard settling on 7 Blogs!


  25. David: I would never be offended if you don't pass on the award. Nor would anyone I don't think. The award is well deserved!!!!! When sending an award or a MEME someones way I realize that not everyone cares to do these things. I am sometimes afraid someone else will be offended if I send them their way..but forwarding on awards or doing MEME's is always optional.Never be worried...you have already done all that is required...just to say thanks:D

  26. Beautiful, Val! :) Thank you so much for the award, sweetie! XOXO You totally deserve yours.

  27. Valli, I'm really happy, flattered and moved that you thought about me here! Thanks so much for the Award :D. I really appreciate it darling!
    You surely deserve it more than anyone :D

    When will I have the time to start cooking these wonderful Greek recipes I see in your place and of course, Ivy's?
    Hopefully, this year, I will have more free time... my daughter won't be home for lunch and I'll 8 hours alone!!!! Snif, snif. But many things can be done :D

  28. These look amazing, and what do you know? Tons of fresh zucchini at the local markets. :D Thanks for pointing the way to this recipe.


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