31 January 2008

Heart to Heart Food for Thought....

Our local Marketplace IGA is in the middle of their "Heart to Heart" campaign to raise money for Variety - The Children's Charity. The campaign runs from January 22 to February 18. They offer heart shaped doughnuts filled with strawberry jam which are available at all 40 Marketplace IGA locations across British Columbia. Wouldn't you just love to take a dozen home and support a good cause!!!!

For over 70 years Variety - The Children's Charity has become the largest and most effective children's charity in the world. The organization has grown to 51 chapters in 13 countries, raising over $1 billion to assist the treatment and care of children with special needs including life-saving and life-enriching assistance to abused, addicted, physically-challenged, neglected, and/or underprivileged children throughout the world.

Decades ago, on Christmas Eve in 1928, a baby girl was abandoned at the Sheridan Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA. The eleven Variety Club members, who found the destitute girl, decided to underwrite the child's support and education. Their work has exponentially grown into a worldwide network of thousands of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of children in crisis. This Spring follow their campaign and help the kids. Children are our future!
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  1. I love hearts of any kind! What a wonderful organization and what a great way to show support.

  2. What a terrific post. I would indeed like to bring some of those heart shaped donuts home. And it sounds like a really good organization.

  3. It's good to know. We don't have a IGA here. They look so good.

  4. You are so good to tell everyone about this.
    That letter breaks my heart.

    Come on people! Buy those delicious donuts!

  5. This is only one in many fundraisers for Variety throughout the year. Children are our future.

  6. Val, there's an IGA in on the Danforth, I'll look for a box have a couple for ya!

  7. That’s a great post Val. We have similar organizations in Greece and one of them is called "THE CHILD'S SMILE" and was founded by a young boy named Andreas who suffered from cancer and died about ten years ago, if I remember correctly but before dieing he appeared on television and expressed his wish for a foundation to help children. His father then materialized his wish and it's a great foundation helping children who suffer in any form: illness, child abuse, abandonment, missing, exploited or kidnapped, etc.

  8. I will check out the web site Ivy. Sounds like a great cause!
    While your on the Danforth have a gyro for me as well peter!!

  9. I'm tagging you!

  10. Fantastic post and I take my hat off to IGA for all their good work!!

    I would definitely buy some heart shaped donuts if I ever see one of their stalls for such a worthy cause!!

    Rosie x

  11. What a great charity Valli! A big "pat on the back" for IGA!

  12. What a heart-felt post Val and such a worthy cause too! Their doughnuts look very tempting, I hope the event goes well!


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