1 October 2008

Potato Ho Scottish "Tattie" Scones & British Food Fortnight

Scottish ''Tattie Scones
Perhaps I am feeling a little nostalgic today with memories of Britain and my childhood. My mom and dad and youngest brother Sean left for the Lake District in England this morning for a month of hiking and walking (and in my brothers case mountain biking). Keswick to be exact. My parents are 80....that says it all.

Here is another way for me to feel nostalgic!!!!!!Antonia from Food Glorious Food is organising a wonderful food event running from the 20th September until the 5th October for British Food Fortnight which is a celebration of the fantastically diverse range of foods produced in Britain. This event, now in its seventh year is a celebration. It is also the largest volunteer movement educating children about food. I am entering these "tattie" scones into this event. I see it as a way to advertise my British roots and love for some of the more traditional dishes I grew up on. I had beans on toast every Friday night of my life as a child. Britain has a wealth of wonderful national dishes!!!!! Check out the event and see for yourself!!!

In the late 50's my parents moved to Canada like many a Brit. They settled in southern Ontario where the rolling hills and dales reminded them of Lincolnshire, England. Perhaps it was closer to home because they had always intended on going back "home" someday. The Cambridge area, or Galt, Preston and Hespeler as it was called then (before amalgamation) was highly influenced by Scottish settlers and many of the buildings in the downtown core were built by stonemasons of that era.

We used to go to Reid's Candy Shop which at that time was on Main Street in Galt and get barley sugar lollipops and rock candy all reminiscent for my parents of days spent at the "seaside" and their own childhoods in England. Reid's Candy Shop is still there but on on one of the side streets instead. There used to be a fishmongers along the same side street where I would plug my little child nose and brave the aroma of not so fresh fish....right next to Clark Shoes. These were the days before malls when people still frequented the downtown core. Now it is near a wonderful little hole -in -the- wall Mexican restaurant where they have hasa farina, con queso cheese and serve sopas and here I am 3,000 kilometers away!!!!!!!!!!!!

Up until a few years ago there was a Marks and Spencers in downtown "Galt". When I moved to Calgary I frequented the Marks and Spencers downtown mostly to pick up some potato scones.

M and S followed me to Oshawa as well as here too. They would bring my "tattie" scones in fresh maybe once a month. They were not always available so it was a real treat for me when I came across them. Sad for me, but, when Marks & Spencers shut down altogether they were not available at all!! There is a bakery in the "Preston" area of Cambridge that makes them so when I was there at Christmas I preordered 12 dozen to carry home in my suitcase. I wonder if they opened my suitcase at the airport? I can hear them saying, "Is this woman crazy" or more than likely "What are these?" Not everyone has heard of a "tattie" or potato scone. We grew up on them so they are an every day treat for us. There is no where to buy them here in the West that I can find so I am reduced to making my own....not such a bad idea really!!!! There is something about the ready made ones though that I really like...perhaps it's just the fact that you can pop them in the toaster for convenience sake.

The third Wednesday of every month has been designated Potato Ho-Down Wednesday....this does not mean that I am limited to eating potatoes only on Wednesdays by any means!!!! Two of our talented fellow potato Ho's Cathy of Noble Pig and Krysta over at Evil Chef Mom are our illustrious founders. This months Potato Ho Down is hosted by Hillary of E Chew on That. Every event we will all be posting those scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, fries, curries, poutine......if potato is in the name I will be definitely be there!!! I have seen many bloggers enter their dishes in more than one event at a time. I have not done this in the past but wanted to support each of these great events equally. I am Bellini Valium and I am a Potato Ho........... with British roots.

**Scottish 'Tattie" Scones**

2 cups mashed potatoes
1-1/2 cups flour (more if necessary)
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon melted butter

Mash potatoes well, beat in butter with a fork. Sift dry ingredients and add to mashed potatoes.Turn out on slightly floured board and knead with hands and form into a soft ball. Cut in half, roll out until 1/4-inch thin. Cut into 8 wedges.With melted butter, bake on hot griddle, 3 minutes per side.Serve warm with melted butter or toast at a later date to rewarm. They will turn puffy when toasted.....pure heaven.

They are one of my faves for breakfast or snacking at any time for that matter!!!

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  1. What a nice post, Val. I love to read about the background stories behind the recipes. It makes it so much more personal.

    The "tattie" scones look fab! I had something similar when I was in Scotland. I can't remember what they called them, though.

  2. Val, let's see
    1. potatoes are just the ultimate comfort
    2. I'd love to try your tatties!!!
    3. My 93 y/o father does his 1/2 mile everyday and is now in Hawaii with his new girl friend younger than me . . .

  3. My family loves mashed potatoes, these are right up my alley!! Thnks for posting!!

  4. I like reading about your nostaliga.

  5. Very pretty! I've never had those Scones, but I bet they taste wonderful!



  6. These re an absolute delight Val! I can just imagine them with all that melted butter...mmmm!

  7. Are they as easy to make as you describe them? I would eat them every day. Such a wonderful post Val. You gave us a beautiful description of your town years ago. We have Marks & Spencer in Athens, so next time I shall go in and see if they have any scones.

  8. Hiking at 80!? Amazing!!!

    Your recipe looks fabulous! ;)

  9. This looks like something I'd like to get my hands on - even if it was just to munch on!

  10. You are the most lovely Potato-Lover I have met Val!!!! What a thing you have with potatoes :D.

    Since I do love them too and didn't know about this event, there I will be the next time ;D
    Good you learned how to cook your own Scones!

  11. Yum - these look lovely. Carbs squared!

    Love the story too - I didn't realise that M&S was in Canada too. I grew up in South Africa with the M&S company under a different name - Woolworths. It's the same store layout and sort of merhcandise, and until I was in my early teens, they imported M&S lines and sold them alongside the local stuff under a special label.

  12. Can you say, yum? Thanks for sharing the background for this recipe also. Looks Great!

  13. Ahhh what a lovely post and as you know your family hail from my part of England :)

    A great entry of "tattie" scones they look amazing!!

    Rosie x

  14. I smiled a lot while reading this post. My Mom arrived in Canada, from England (Liverpool), when she was about 12 and I grew up with many of the same things that you did. We had a M & S which we frequented quite often (can't for the life of me remember why?)

    Have never had the tatties but I did eat beans on toast quite often.

    Great entry!

  15. nice nostalgic post Val..droolworthy scones

  16. Looking fabulous, Val! Hey, I have British roots too, my dad was born there. but I have never been back, can you believe it?

  17. i love a simple floury dish - this looks great

  18. Potato scones sound SO good. I'm really hungry right now.
    That's interesting about your childhood.
    I wish you could go with your parents and have a little vacay.

    You're not a ho.

  19. Don't forget to submit this to this month's Potato Ho Down by sending the e-mail! :)

  20. That was so interesting Val! I loved hearing the stories about your childhood. Those scones look great!

  21. These are awesome Val, I love their name and your story...thanks for the submission!

  22. Ok, those just look awesome. I'm starving right now and you're not helping. :o :P

  23. There are so many different versions of scones and they are all vastly different, but I can't resist a one of them!

    I love learning about culture when I come here!

  24. Tattie scones are so delicious - thank you for this excellent entry. I hope your parents are having a wonderful holiday - I just adore the Lake District. It is so very beautiful.

  25. Great memories Val! Your tatties look lovely - good entry for BFF.

  26. Thanks Susan...they were probably Tattie scones in Scotland because as far as I know it is a Scottish dish.
    Kitchen....93!!!!!! and still going strong...your family has great genes.
    Thanks Bunny,That Girl, Rosa,Daziano,Dharm,Mandy, N33mam Marie, Jenn, Kathy, Hillary,Mike, Jessie,and Hot Garlic.
    Lots of melted butter Peter!!!!!!!
    M & S probably have frozen potato scones now sis. They are pretty good too!!
    Sadly Marks & Spencer closed all their stores in Canada Jeanne.
    It's a small world Rosie & Judy:D
    Never say never Aimee!!!You may make it there one day.
    I wish I was on my way for a vacation too Emiline but I would choose to go someplace warm this time of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My pleasure Antonia.
    Thanks for all your wonderful comments guys:D

  27. wow, your parents sound super-human. my dad is from Portsmouth, England. He moved to CT 35 years ago and stayed longer than he ever imagined. I don't get back often, but I have such good memories of the trips I have taken. particularly of the English countryside. I always felt like I was in a Jane AUstin book!

    these tattie scones sound yummy. And I made the Georgian flatbread — ridiculously good!

  28. This is a GREAT post! I loved learning more about you and how you came to be where you are. I've never hear of these lovely tattie scones, but you can bet I'd devour them if they were in front of me. These sound so good and they look tasty, too. The British Food Fortnight sounds like great fun! I look forward to seeing all the wonderful foods from the other side of the pond! :-)

  29. You do have a way with potatoes, that is for sure. Thanks for introducing me to this delightful treat.

  30. Hi Val, I grew up eating potato scones. Graham and I sometimes treat ourselves to them on a Sunday morning. We liked to eat them with baked beans, but we have in the past had them as part of a full Scottish Breakfast. It is a pick and choose thing, some of the ingredients are: toast, baked beans, fried/grilled tomatoes or mushrooms, fried eggs, fried potatoes, veggie sausages and potato scones. Yum! Although if we did have some of that for brunch we would grill most things to cut down on the fat, including the toast which is traditionally fried too!

  31. I've never had these but when I hear the name and see the picture there's a definite connection for me to the UK.

  32. Lovely post and lovely reipe Vall!!!! so nice, Gloria

  33. Nice rememembrance. Im just really learning about Canada, and this explains a lot to me.And the tatties look scrumptious.

  34. Oh my gosh those sound great! Thanks for sharing the recipe and for such a lovely post.

  35. What a lovely posting.
    Your parents and brother will have a wonderful and memorable time in the Lake District. They will undoubtedly get very wet from the rain as well!

  36. Great Job VAlli..I have not even thought about it! LOL!


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