2 March 2008

Adopt a Blogger

Kristen over at Dine and Dish came up with an event called Adopt a Blogger whereby we adopt a "newbie" blogger (this is a person who is new to the blogging world and has been blogging for less than a year). To use Kristen's own words, "The whole idea of this is to encourage new bloggers, support others with like minded interests, and hopefully build friendships within the food blogging community".

When I first started More Than Burnt Toast a year ago I would have loved to pick the brains of all of the more seasoned bloggers about so many things. I had so many questions to ask that may seem so simple to someone who has been blogging for a longer period of time. This does not mean that I didn't find many wonderful bloggers that helped me along the way. I don't profess to be an expert even still and am still learning every single day.

I have been paired with Neema of Recipe Swap . Neema is a young mother living in the southern United States who has a passion for food like so many of us. She has lived there with her husband for 2 years. Already she has a wide variety of diverse dishes on her blog where she loves to try different cuisines, so, please take a moment to visit...you will be glad you did!! With a little one under the age of one year old I don't know how she finds the time to even post! Whew I am exhausted just thinking about it!!

I am excited to have adopted her because I feel I can learn a lot from her as well. She is of East Indian descent and just spent an extended holiday in Bangalore in the state of Karnataka in India with her family. Karnataka is in southern India. Kannada is the official language of Karnataka. (Is this another twist of fate? I live in Canada...Kannada...do you see the coralation?)Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India because of its thriving information technology industry. When I purcahsed my computer I spoke with someone in India so this makes sense.

She grew up at her mothers side observing and drinking in all the knowledge she could. Instead of watching cartoons as a child she watched cooking shows. I remember "The Galloping Gourmet" was my favourite show way back when. There was no such thing as the Food network then!!! She is an intuitive cook who in her own words "never sticks to a recipe completely". She loves to try other cuisines and her blog is quite diverse. It has been fate that we should be paired together since I have been wanting to explore East Indian cuisine. I have no idea where to start with all of the unfamiliar spices and techniques. I am hoping Neema can demistify East Indian cooking for me, so, she has essentially adopted me as well.

Another twist of fate is that my pen name Valli is an East Indian name and she was kind enough to send me its origins. I have posted about my name previously but was anxious for more information. Valli is a goddess married to Lord Murgan who happens to be Lord Ganesh's brother. You can find more information here.

We both LOVE chicken so I can see that we will prepare many wonderful dishes together!! Maybe I can move her over to my love of potatoes as well...wink...wink...

I have created a link to her blog in my side bar under the Adopt a Blogger logo. Please move on over to her site!!
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  1. She has a lovely blog. After reading your post I am now interested in joining the 'Adopt a Blogger'. Thanks Val.

  2. I'm heading over there right now. Thanks for the intro.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to Neema's blog. Delicious and I'm looking forward to her future submissions.

  4. Hi Val- I'll check out her blog. I'm still waiting to be adopted myself!!

  5. Adopt me, Adopt me =)

  6. You are soooooo sweet and Neema is sooooo lucky to have you!!!:D
    I will visit her place for sure!
    Hey Val, I have been cleaning my outside summer furniture too this past weekend... and using it!!!! We have had 23ºC... it was marvellous to have that sun on my face!!!!

  7. Aw,that's so sweet Val. What a great intro & lovely write-up too. What a good idea this is! :0)

  8. Vallie, how kind of you to do that! I will hop on over and visit Neema as so as I leave yours.
    All of your snow gone? Yippy:) I bet you spent alot of time outdoors this weekend! And that cheese looks so good and springy also with that neat little flower atop!

  9. I think this a great idea. I have lots of questions

  10. Val, my pleasure. I will have to review more of Ricardo's recipe in the future. He is such a sweetie and his recipes are always a hit.

  11. Hi Sis, since you have adopted Neema, that makes her family to me as well. Shall check her blog as well. I would also like to join the "Adopt a Blogger".

  12. We're all learning every day!
    Beautiful write up Val.

  13. What's a great idea! I wish someone adopted me when I was just starting my blog a year ago... ;)

    I will visit her site for sure... have a good day, Margot


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