30 December 2006


You can contact me if you have any questions at any time. Work with a proven advocate to promote your culinary based activities and experiences to a targeted audience – food and travel enthusiasts with a passion for eating and cooking well. I have over 25,000 + unique visitors per month worldwide . I am excited to partner with food tourism suppliers including those that offer cooking classes, culinary workshops, food and market tours, and destination marketing.

For publishers and purveyors I do occasionally review products and cookbooks that fit the More Than Burnt Toast philosophies of sustainability and supporting local artisans and producers. Follow these links to find a sample of my work.

Available Opportunities

- Press Trips
- Reviews
- Sponsorship and Ads
- Contests and Giveaways
Serious interests please contact me for more information.


Plum Deluxe
Epicurious Community Table
Foodies 100
National Barbeque Day 
Oxo/Blogger Outreach 
Winner of The Best Pesto Recipe from Whole Foods August 2011
Canadian Living.com
Pasta Recipes by Italians
 Honest Cooking
Kitchen Play 
Maple Syrup World
Huffington Post
What's Cooking
Eat in Eat Out Spring Issue 2012
I Love Peanut Butter for Peanut Butter and Co.
Fuji Water #hometownguide
Fuji Water #hometownguide Honest Cooking


Castello Cheese
Lake Okanagan Bed and Breakfast
Mission Hill Winery
Matt Armendariz
Lucky Penny Wines
Clarkson Potter
Kraft Canada
Whitewater Cooks

We have published The BloggerAid Cookbook which can be purchased on Create Space which is an ongoing project that is raising funds for the School Meals Programme a division of the World Food Programme.

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  1. Hello Val,
    I commend you on your aid work!
    I am definately interested in the dinner at the Corson Building. Can you fill me in on details? I've never been there and it looks like a spectacular place to visit!

  2. Good morning Val,

    Great work - the blog is looking amazing! I drop in once in awhile and it seems many of your readers check our site out since you have it on your list of favorites.
    Thank you!
    Marcie & Kostis
    Red Tractor Farm in Greece

  3. Val...ever since I started following great Foodie blogs...you have certaining shined right through for me. You seem to have as much a unique heart as is your food preparation.

    Therefore...when you have a chance...there's a little something for you on my APPRECIATION page ;o)

    Flavourful wishes,

  4. I'm curious about a recipe that is depicted in your blog header...the tomato layered stacks. Do you have this one on your blog? They're gorgeous!

  5. As both a blogger and a Mom to an extremely picky little one, thank you for giving me hope that one day she will love good food as much as her parents do :)


  6. Hi Bellini, Your French Toast recipe has been selected by Knapkins to be featured in a Recipe Guessing Game. Please share the following link with your friends and fans. To play, go here: http://knapkins.com/guess_games/402?source=blog Congrats again!! :)

  7. So glad you popped into my blog as it gave me a chance to find yours. What a greeat blog. Full of variety and passion for food. I just know you will totally love Italy!

  8. Val, I love your blog and you are simply amazing. You still have a regular job besides the blog? How? i look forward to try several of your recipes. Wow.

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