1 January 2007

Canadian Chefs

Bal Arneson - Chicken South Indian Style
Rose Murray - Roasted Tomato Clafoutis
Kary Osmond - Salmon, Asparagus and Watercress Salad
 Lynn Crawford - Lemon Honey Pistachio Chicken with Turkish Apricot Rice Pilaf
Michael Smith - Prince Edward Island Smoked Salmon with Pasta and Simple Dill Cream Cheese Sauce
Josée di Stasio - Pasta with Tuna and Sun Dried Tomatoes
Ned Bell - Bulgur Wheat Stuffed Peppers
Ricardo Larrivée - Falafels with Tarator Bi Tahini Sauce
Chuck Hughes - Potato "Risotto" with Pan Grilled Lamb Sausage
Janet and Greta Podleski - Dilly Whoppers with Greater Tater Salad
Rob Rainford - Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast with Grilled Pesto Peppers
Christine Cushing - Lamb Souvlaki & Greek Fries
David Rocco - Pasta anto te
Anna Olson - Orange Olive Oil Cake
Carlo Roto - Lamb Tourtiere
Laura Calder - Salad Nicoise
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