21 July 2015

The Attack of the Killer Summer Tomatoes 2015

Every day we should be excited about what we are eating even if it just means something as simple as making use of a wonderful find at our local farmers market. Wineries, craft breweries and artisanal cheese makers are emerging and adding a new dimension to our local cuisine, enriching it and extending it well beyond it's traditionial boundaries. West coast salmon, New Brunswick lobster, Ontario cheddar are all being paired with wonderful Canadian wines and locally harvested fruits and vegetables. Foodies are in heaven and locavores are finally coming into their own. 

With farmers markets popping up everywhere during the summer, it's never been easier to make the right choices. The added benefit is that items are picked closer to their peak of freshness, enhancing taste, texture, and nutrition, and have had less time to spoil increasing shelf life in your kitchen.When you eat locally, you eat what's in season.  You'll remember that strawberries are the taste of summer and that juicy,  ruby red tomatoes are what we long for all year. Summer tomatoes are packed with sunshine. Here are a few of my recipes to bring a sunny smile to your face.

Heirloom Tomato BLT Panzanella Salad
Spiralized Greek Salad
Galette aux Fromage de Chevre
Caprese Chicken
Marinated Burrata with Basil
Eggplant and Porcini Meatballs with Tomato Sauce
Caprese Burger with Pickled Tomatoes
Summer Pasta Puttanesca Pugliese
One Pan Pasta
Theresa's Double Tomato Soup
Heirloom Tomato Salad with Basil and Burrata

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  1. A wonderful collection of mouthwatering dishes!



  2. One of the nicest things about summer is a vine ripe tomato. What a delicious roundup of great ways to use them.

  3. Thank you for all this goodness♥

  4. I'll have what you're having. :)

    I really love those heirlooms.

  5. Absolute lusciousness, Val!!! I'm dreaming of Summer tomatoes now. :-)

  6. I agree with the whole sentiment behind this post!

  7. You're absolutely right about enjoying the seasons finest food when it's available. Summer is my favorite season and probably because of tomatoes. If I had to pick a favorite food, it would be the tomato. I could (and maybe I will) stay all day on your site just taking in all of these lovely tomato dishes, beginning with the tomato tart.


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