20 July 2014

A Light Spiralized Greek Salad with Lemon and Feta

There are spiraled pea tendrils one of natures works of art….
photo from The Cilantropist
If you are of a certain age you will remember the endless spiral shape of slinkies and slinky dogs, "for fun it's the best of the toys"...
photo from Mummy and Mimi

You may even remember these famous spiral-shaped curls….
Shirley Temple

Then there is a Spiralized Greek Salad with Lemon and Feta from Skinnytaste.com that fed my senses.
Spiralized Greek Salad with Lemon and Feta

I am often behind on trends but when I was visiting the coast last weekend L'il Burnt Toast set me on the straight and narrow path. A quick visit to The Gourmet Warehouse on a rainy day with her husband and I had to find room in my already overflowing cupboards for a GEFU spiralizer. Never fear for I did find room for "one more thing" with this gadgets small compact size.

Ever since I have been spiralling carrots and beets for salads, zucchini for noodles, and cucumbers for this salad…so far. A little lemon, olive oil and oregano and a few heirloom tomatoes and you make quick work of a colourful, light and tasty salad. (Next time I would actually put the slice of feta cheese on top before I eat the entire bowl and take photos…plus where are the olives…oh to have more time for blogging..sigh)

**Spiralized Greek Salad with Lemon and Feta**

1/2 seedless English cucumber (about 7 ounces)
1/4 of a green or red bell pepper, chopped
1/3 cup grape tomatoes, halved
5 pitted kalamata olives
1 tablespoon red onion, sliced
1/2 fresh lemon
1 oz fresh feta, sliced thick
1/2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon fresh oregano leaves, minced

Spiralize the cucumbers using your spiralizer. Cut the strands into smaller pieces, about 5-6 inches long so it's easier to eat. Or alternatively make a slice lengthwise about a 1/4-inch into your cucumber and you have pre cut slices when "spiralized."

Place the cucumber in a large work bowl along with the bell pepper, tomatoes, olives and red onion. Squeeze half of the lemon over it, drizzle with the olive oil and toss with fresh oregano, salt and pepper. Place on a plate and top with a slice of feta cheese.

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  1. I like the spiralizer..I made a greek salad also:)
    Fun little gadget!

  2. I am space challenged, but I am considering this gadget. Your salad looks delish.


  3. Looks like a beautiful salad. what does this gadget looks like? Mine sounds a little different.L'il Burnt Toast is setting you on a right (salad) course.

  4. I am certainly behind because I am not familiar with the spiralizer, but in all fairness I have seen foods spiralized in food magazines. Hmm, now where will I find room for another gadget, because this looks like too much fun to miss out on. Your salad is so pretty with the curly cucumbers.

  5. A beautiful, fresh and summery salad! That spiralizer is a great gadget.



  6. I've been wanting to get a spiralizer too!! How good to know that you don't regret getting it. :-)

  7. My Whole Foods has in their salad bar lemon-feta and it is so good.
    I've never heard of that before, but so glad I tried it.
    So, yes to this salad!

  8. i'm a feta freak these days! love this!

  9. A great salad. I want to spiralize my veggies too now!

  10. I have never used a spiralizer but it looks fun to use. We eat a lot of greek salad in the summer. So fresh.

  11. That spiralizer is new to me also, I'll have to check it out. Love the salad, everything's better with feta!

  12. I need to get one! Fun photos!

  13. How refreshing is this salad?! SO VERY.

  14. Gadgets are fun, aren't they? GREG

  15. I like the idea of a spiralizer. Will look into getting one. Your salad looks so pretty.

  16. Not your ordinary Greek salad. I think I'm doing without…I don't have a spiralizer. :)

  17. I love this Val, look amazing!! how are you?

  18. Oh how awesome this recipe is Val! All my favorite summer veggies in one beautiful salad. I've got a spiralizer and LOVE it too! Love all the slinky, curly retro-photos!


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