31 May 2010

Enjoy the Simple Things in Life with Onion Burgers on the Griddler

Sid's Onion Burger

I hope my American friends are enjoying their Memorial Day long weekend. Here in Canada we celebrated Victoria Day long weekend last week, but, no matter where you live on the planet, the first long weekend of the season seems to be perfect timing for firing up the grill. To celebrate let's cook up a grilled classic... the burger!!!This is definitely not a Meatless Monday post!

Here in the Okanagan we are having an unusually wet and cool Spring. What has happened to the "sunny Okanagan"? While our eastern provinces are harvesting the first ripe strawberries of the season we are still in the "radish stage". It is usually the opposite, but even if it sounds like I am complaining I am not really. There will come a time when we are lamenting the unrelentless heat, but, until then,  I think I will enjoy the cooler weather. These conditions makes it perfect for hiking, pole-walking or walking the dog. Weather is one of those aspects of our lives we cannot change and just accept gracefully. I have learned to take each day as it comes and enjoy what is in store for me. So when it seems too stormy for grilling burgers outdoors turn to your kitchen appliances!!

To start the week off I am joining in on the Foodbuzz Daily Specials  once again. Today's feature on Foodbuzz are griddlers such as the one from Cuisinart here at CHEFS™   If you have a griddler among your kitchen appliances you will find it very versatile. You can cook for a crowd with 4 grills rolled into one... panini press, flat grill, contact grill and griddle. The combination will give you four cooking options with this multi-tasking appliance and you won't heat up the whole house!!! Very important in the middle of summer.

Using the griddler I decided to make one of the simplest and uncomplicated burgers known to man. I would be the first to tell you that I don't usually eat simple, uncomplicated flavours but sometimes simple really is just the best way to go. You could switch it up and replace the cheddar with any number of cheeses you have on hand, add any spices or herbs you wish but today was a day to travel back to the roots of a recipe.  Instead I chose to keep the simplicity of the burger and leave it unadorned to allow the true meat flavour to capture my taste buds. Ground sirloin of the highest quality, sweet Vidalia onions, a little salt and pepper and whatever condiments you choose and you have mastered the burgers from your local hangout or drive-in. If this brings back memories of the days when your food was brought to your car, thick milkshakes, unfrozen fries and penny loafers then finish licking your chops now. If you are too young to remember those days you will still enjoy this burger too:D

I found the idea for this recipe on Saveur. When life just seems too complicated go for the simple things in life and arrest your taste buds with the tried and true flavours of this classic. Serve it with a grilled corn salad and a pint of your favourite beer and sit back and enjoy the holiday weekend.

**Sid’s Onion Burger**
from Saveur

4 tablespoons canola oil
1 lb. ground beef, gently formed into 6 balls
2 medium yellow onions, very thinly sliced with a mandolin or a sharp knife and divided into 6 equal portions
Kosher salt, to taste
6 slices Cheddar cheese
6 hamburger buns, toasted
toppings of your choice

Working in 2 batches, heat 2 tbsp. oil in a 12" cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Add 3 beef balls and, using the back of a spatula, press down on them until they're thin; cook for 1 minute. Top each patty with a portion of the onions; season with salt. Press onions into the meat and cook for 1 minute more.

Flip burgers; flatten with the spatula. Place a cheese slice on each patty and let melt while onions and meat brown. Serve on buns.

Makes 6 burgers

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  1. A very enjoyable burger! that is the kind of food I crave all the time...



  2. Hello Valli...I was coming in this morning to thank you for having inspired my muffin baking this weekend. I was inspired by that Banana Chocolate Olive cake you had made recently. I hope you don't mind if I jazzed it up just a tinch: added some chopped roasted nuts, shredded coconut and a smidgen of Kahlua liquer ;o) They were wonderful. So much so...they're already in tummies other than my own. Well, with bathing suit season coming...I guess it's a good thing that I had foodie company ;o) They had the excuse of having to bring one to their spouses. How could I refuse?
    BTW...no need to envy our Eastern strawberries...well at least not the ones from Quebec. This weekend my excitement to get these berries was overshadowed by the surprising tartness...where's the sugar? Hopefully the scenario will be more promising next weekend.
    I rarely eat burgers anymore...but when I do...it definitely should look and taste like yours ;o)
    Have a great week and flavourful wishes, Claudia

  3. Val- my husband would be drooling. A simple burger with onions and he's in heaven. Have a wonderful day!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Note to self... dont visit Val's blog when you havent had dinner and worse still when she features Burgers!!

    These burgers look really great!!!

  5. Sometimes simpler is definitely better. Especially when it comes to caramelized onions. They are just so amazing you don't really need anything else. What a great burger!

  6. Time for baking some Baps Valli! ;D

    Burger looks delicious. might grill some today later in the evening. Enjoy there.

  7. Hi Valli:

    This looks delicious and appropriate for today. I don't know why, but your blog is now in French and no option for English!! Alas, my French is limited to menus, asking for the bathroom and the train station!
    Hope I can figure out the problem!!


  8. No question about it, this is my favorite burger.

  9. Valli: I fixed it! For some reason, I now have to click on "Original" at the top right hand of your post. It was nice to "visit" with you anyway.


  10. Cheers to the grilling season and your fabulous burger.
    Here is sending you warm sunshine from Florida.

  11. That is one of the best burger shots I've seen. It really looks wonderful and I'm sure won't disappoint in the flavor department. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  12. What a great burger. Your photo is incredible Val. It's hard to get a good shot of a burger. Congrats.

  13. OMG I love this Vall!!! gloria

  14. I so miss burgers grilled over the flames outside and can't wait to get to Florida this summer and barbecue! Yum! Yours has me craving them now!

  15. The classic burger shouldn't be messed with. This looks like a killer burger. I love the addition of sweet vidalia onions. Yummy!

  16. The burgers do sound tasty and as soon as we move to our new apartment - not until August 1 - they'll be first on the BBQ grill, until then, the Griddler will have to do.

    As for East Coast strawberries - not one in sight yet. I did just find some green garlic at the market - it's a start. Strawberries probably won't be here for a month.

  17. I haven't grown up with burgers but I know my son would forget hos vows of vegetarianism if I fixed one fo those!

  18. I love onions over, under or in my burgers...sweet and a little caramelized, can't go wrong here!

  19. oh, how i love a good burger, and this beauty definitely falls into that category! lovely, val--thanks for the great share. :)

  20. looks perfect.....I rarely eat burgers....but when I do, they have look delicious like this one :)

  21. Oooh that burger looks GOOD! Fantastic picture.

  22. I know I haven't been well, lately. But I always enjoy reading your posts! When did you do this gorgeous face lift? Gorgeous! The burger looks yummy, too - and the photograph just sings on the new background. Larger font - at least with my browser. But back tot he burger... no griddles here. I am not sure why. I BBQ at -40. Maybe that's why.


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