5 March 2010

BloggerAids Culinary Olympics..the Round up N-Z

As we all sat down to cheer on the last of the competitors in these thrilling 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver, Canada, Giz and I thought we should celebrate to the fullest extent as we rallied behind our athletes from our individual countries! Thank you to all who entered the BloggerAid-Changing the Face of Famine Culinary Olympics. We strapped on our aprons with knives and tongs in hand and set out to represent unity and sportsmanship with what we do best...food. This is what the Olympics are all about.

We were very proud to see everyone excited about representing their own countries, and waving their flags and cheering. I think we all found it was impossible to define in one key stroke or spread of the knife any one single dish we felt represented our individual countries, but, represent you did with delicious foods from around the world. We all have much to offer. Here’s to us!

Visit Giz at Equal Opportunity Kitchen for the first half of the Culinary Olympics with countries from A -M.


Kitchen Butterfly

One of the first on the podium is Oz representing Nigeria with pride with her Chocolate-Filled Plantain Gnocchi with Chillies.
Chocolate-Filled Plantain Gnocchi

Just to get your imagination going she combined sweet plantains, ‘tempered’ with diced red chillies, and gently kneaded to form a soft dough. Then rolled out, cut up and stuffed with dark chocolate and set them in a sea of strawberry sauce with Matcha cream. And just for the record, some baby kiwis. Thank you Oz!!!


Will Work for Biltong

This is Adele's second entry representing her homeland South Africa expertly with a gold medal dish Biltong and Ricotta Ravioli with Sage Butter. See her previous entry under Australia.

Biltong Ravioli

Adele says, "One food that is uncompromisingly South African, and which all South Africans crave when in another country, is biltong. Mostly we eat biltong as is, usually while watching the cricket, maybe washed down with a beer. You can also have it on sandwiches or in a salad. I have even seen biltong sushi, and pizza with a biltong topping.

The Winter Guest

Miriam represents Spain very well with her medal dish Grandma Libia's Homemade Croquetas.

Grandma Libia's Homemade Croquetas

Croquetas are comfort food at its best and common to all Spanish regions. They are also served as a tapa everywhere. Miriam says, "The way I prepare croquetas is my mother's, it's understood. And she learnt it from my grandmother. If you have them for dinner, you should be in your pijamas already, like if you were kids... ;-). Just imagine your mother has just made them for you!!!!!"

Spanish Recipes

Our friend Nuria from the Catalonia region of Spain brings us Xató.

This medal winning rich salad is made out of curled endive, desalted cod, olives, anchovies preserved in olive oil and a delicious sauce similar to Romesco and Salvitxada that has many variations. It's a seasonal salad ; normally consumed during the cold first months of the year and especially during Carnival celebrations.


Health Nut

Entering from the United States Yasmeen has brought her winning dish of Cranberry Chicken\Turkey Satay and Cranberry Falafel Lollies.
Cranberry Chicken\Turkey Satay and Cranberry Falafel Lollies

Yasmeen says, "Very close to the home of Winter Olympics 2010,Vancouver Canada, is Richmond that is also home to one of the largest group of Cranberry farms( more than 60 family-owned farms). What better fruit than healthy versatile cranberries, to honor the winter games and the Cranberry farmers of the region.

Lipsmacking Goodness

Lori stood proudly on the podium with her Turkey and Multibean Chili.

Turkey and Multibean Chili

Lori says, "America certainly is a melting pot. I like that it is, especially when it comes to food. So many spices and different foods are available here. So for a foodie, the grocery store is a candy store."

Sandy represented the USA with this medal-winning recipe for Appalachian Apple Cakes, adapted from Mark Sohn and his book Appalachian Home Cooking: History, Culture, and Recipes.

She says, "I wanted a recipe that reflected some type of traditional cooking or baking. I felt that there wasn't anything more traditional than the down home mountain baking which occurs in Appalachia. And secondly I wanted to bring attention to hunger in the US. As we all know it's not just 3rd world countries who experience poverty and hunger."

A HUGE thank you to all the culinary althletes. The games are now over but we are happy that spectators and athletes alike came to visit . It was the moment to show people, that even if you weren’t in the stadium, you were part of the Olympic Games in Vancouver. We enjoyed your stay. Thank you!!!!
One final reminder of the H2Ope for Haiti raffle. It is nearing an end so if you haven't already done so please take the time to purchase a ticket and you may win one of many fabulous prizes!!!

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  1. Bravo, bravo bravo to all competitors!!! All dishes are delicious and surely they are cooked with love!
    It was great participating Val :D

  2. Wow! I'll be browsing these all day!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. A lovely roundup!! Somehow I thought there would be more participants in this great event! Still, lovely entries all of them and great effort from you and Giz!! Well Done Val!!

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  12. All the dishes were such great representations of their countries. I feel like I learned something about other cultures just reading their recipe stories.

  13. Wonderful dishes! I should heve entered something for France - but, as an expat, I thought I should leave it for the natives ;-((
    I'll just enjoy these....

  14. This was such a fun event, thanks very much for hosting and the lovely round up.

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  16. What a wonderful idea - I tried hard to think past butter tarts and Nanaimo Bars... and didn't get anywhere. These are great recipes - and a lovely wonderful, fun idea... we are all united through the love of food!

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