10 August 2009

Last Chance to Win

Congratulations to the winners of this weeks giveaway!!!!!
The last 6 weeks have been a lot of fun for Shelby of The Life and Loves of Grumpy's Honeybunch and I. We have been alternately cooking up a storm and tweaking some recipes using our collection of Made with Love Eco-friendly Spice Blends. These products are of exceptional quality and we have been pleased as well as excited to be able to giveaway new SpiceBlends each week due to the generosity of Alex and Colin over at Made With Love. Everyone should have the opportunity to try these blends!!! You have one last chance to win. Don't forget they ship worldwide!!!

Each week we have been giving away a different couplet or trio of Spice Blends Gift Sets to you our readers generously supplied by Made With Love a local eco-friendly company. Simply find the weeks chosen "search and find image" and enter to win!!!This is our final post and your last chance to win!! Stay tuned for the roundup of delicious recipes from all 16 winners of this fantastic giveaway. I can't wait to see what they come up with!!!

So far, revisit Creamy Asparagus Soup with a Touch of Dill made with the Daring Dill Spice Blend , Mediterranean Pasta Salad with Ricotta and Feta made with their Pesto Garlic Spice Blend, Barbequed Shrimp made with Red Pepper Blend, Chicken Penne Prima Vera put together with the Prima Vera Spice Blend and Fire-Seared Antipasto Platter made with love with their Red Pepper Spice Blend. Perfecto!!!! Check out Shelby's creation this week at The Life and Loves of Grumpy's Honeybunch . She came up with an exciting Nacho Cheese Sauce with the Jalapeno Spice Blend. We love these SpiceBlends so much we will continue to create dishes adding their delicious flavours and healthy properties to our dishes!!! It has also been a great adventure to share this experience with Shelby. Thank you Shelby for joining in on the fun with me:D

Here's how to win in the 6th and final week of our giveaway:

1) Visit their web site http://www.madewithlove.ca/ and find the image/photo "We Love to Share" for this weeks entry and enter to win at the e-mail below.

2) Leave a comment at madewithlovecontest(AT)gmail(DOT)com where you found the image/photo"We Love to Share". Please let us know your blog URL so that we can post the names of the winners on our sites with a link back to you!!!

3) You will be automatically entered to winTwo Earth-friendly Gift Set Couplets of Daring Dill and Country Onion Med-Size SpiceBlends worth $50. One for You and One for a friend!!!

4) Visit either Shelby at The Life and Loves of Grumpy's Honeybunch or here at More Than Burnt Toast at the beginning of each week for a delicious recipe and a new chance to win!!!

5) The lucky winners who receive their couplets of Spice Blends will create a recipe using their products, blog about it with a link to http://www.madewithlove.ca/ . All of the recipe creations will be posted as a roundup on The Life and Loves of Grumpy's Honeybunch and here on More Than Burnt Toast. Your recipe may even be on the Made with Love website!!!!

Their flavour combinations are somewhat unusual and take flavours to new heights.

Prima Vera Spice Blend is a wonderful blend of sun-dried tomato, sweet pepper and Italian spices. Try this blend for creamy, red or clear pasta sauces, in cream cheese on a bagel it is heavenly and as a Spanish-style rice side dish.

Crimson Love Spice Blend is a garlic lover’s blend with a strong essence of rosemary in a dried beet base with hints of nori and fresh greens. Wonderful for dips, dressings or pretty pink pasta!

Jalapeno Roots Spice Blend is a rich blend of jalapeno with garlic, onions, sweet peppers and lime in a dried carrot base. Creamy dips & pasta are gorgeous. Spice up your guacamole, veggies, meats or salsa.

Garden Curry Spice Blend is a mild curry blend with a mix of garden vegetables. Blended in cream cheese, pasta or yogurt dip it creates a mild, rich and flavourful sunshine cream!Country Onion Spice Blend is a traditional mix of fresh garden herbs, caramelized onions and chives. An extremely versatile blend, great on poultry, meats or eggs, fabulous for potatoes and herbed rice.

Pesto Garlic Spice Blend is their dried rendition of its namesake. Not fresh pesto but an easy instant version that is extremely versatile. No pinenuts or cheese here so safe for vegans or nut’free, just a beautiful blend of the herb flavours traditionally recognised as pesto. Great for pasta, meats or salad.

Daring Dill Spice Blend is truly their most sophisticated blend full of great dill flavour followed by a hint of fresh tomato and a hot mustard finish. Lovely on veggies, chicken or fish. Excellent for vinaigrette dressings and creamy sauces. Delightful!

Aztec Chocolate Spice Blend is a complex blend of Real Cacao, Coffee and Vanilla Beans with pungent sweet and spicy peppers. Aztec Chocolate is a traditional savoury flavour mix for Mexican and Latin American cuisine, led by the ancient Aztec and Mayan peoples of the region. Try it on meat dishes, beans, tofu or salad dressings this amazing sweet and spicy combo is great for everyday cooking. Also decadently fabulous for our desert dip.

Red Pepper Spice Blend is sweet with a mild spicy flavour similar to a pepper jelly. A blend of turbinado sugar with a mix of sweet and hot chilies. Amazing on veggies of any kind and a wonder to sprinkle on chicken, pork or fish. Great in mashed potatoes or melted in your popcorn butter it is absolutely addictive.

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  1. Congrats to the winners Vall, I love these spices are really nice!! xGloria

  2. I am sorry I am missing out on this lovely competition!!! It looks like a lovely range of products!!

  3. Thanks so much, I'm so excited!


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