21 February 2008

It's all about MEME....

My "sis" Ivy has tagged me for a MEME. I love all her answers!!! I love your sense of humour "sis"!! If she becomes a millionaire I am heading to Greece and leaving with a big fat cheque..because I COMPLETED THIS MEME...wink...wink.. Ivy is a very talented woman in Athens who nurtures her family with delicious meals made with love and a sense of purpose each and every day...she even has time to take painting lessons. If you haven't already done so spend some time with her at Kopiaste...to Greek Hospitality .What I wouldn't do to visit Greece in the near future and have her show me around Athens. There is so much that I missed the last time around!!!!!! I wouldn't get lost and I would have an interpreter to ask a multitude of questions. She could demystify the large amount of types of eateries in Greece for me as well.

I have a fascination with ancient history and Greek mythology as well as a love for all Greek foods. The biggest mistake you can make is to think Greek cuisine is all about mossaka and souvlakia. These are classic dishes, but you would be missing out if you don't try the staggering amount of regional specialties. Greeks as a general rule don't really eat breakfast unless it is at a hotel dining room. You can pick up a cheese pie and rolls at a bakery or a sesame-coated bread ring called a "koulouri" sold by city vendors or dig into a plate of my favourite "galatopolio", yogurt with honey. Greeks eat their main meal at either lunch or dinner, so the offerings are the same. You can have your heavier meal or just fill up on meze and a huge greek salad with a slab of feta.

You have heard me talk a great deal about my time on the island of Kea at Keartisanal but I also spent 2 weeks in the company of 5 wonderful ladies on a tour of mainland Greece. We travelled to ancient ruins, hiked in the Pindos mountains and along pathways to ancient monasteries, visited fairytale mountain villages with pack bridges and women in traditional costumes on Sundays and dined on many of the local dishes. The main reason for taking this particular trip was to visit Meteora where there are approximately 25 monastaries built on pinnacles of rocks. I would have loved to have been there years ago when the monastaries called out to each other by ringing their bells. There is so much to tell...

But back to MEME!!!

Here are the rules:

Select five people to tag. Next, send them an e-mail or let them know by commenting on their blog that they have been tagged. They are then encouraged to select 5 different bloggers and to tag them.

What were you doing 10 years ago?1998?

Ten years ago I finished my stint at college and went to work in a doctors office. I still work there...just a different doctor. I volunteered at my daughters elementary school in the hot lunch program once a week....we prepared hot lunches for 100 students. I lived in my house on the hill and tended my vegetable and flower gardens.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Moving to a condominium...therefore packing, downsizing...working in a doctor's office. Seeing my daughter off to university in Vancouver :(

Five snacks you enjoy:

1) dolmades..eat them like candy

2) pistachios, cashews, pecans...all nuts..salted

3) poutine

4) chocolate...mostly milk chocolate...although white chocolate is up there too if it is good quality.. I will accept all donations of leftovers for Easter and Valentine's

5) gummy bears & pasteli...oops that is 6

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

1) Buy my daughter a condo in Vancouver while she is at university; then one here as well just down the street from me. I would like her to live with me, but, at 21 you can't live with your parents forever..can you??? Pay for her education so he has no student loans and no debt.

2) Take care of my parents, brothers, sister and their families.... my friends of course... that goes without saying.

3) Rent a house on an island in Greece, perhaps Lesvos....buy a boat, hire a captain and sail the Agean Sea take a side trip to Pompeii and Naples. Make a side trip to Athens to visit Ivy where we would visit Psirri and the local tavernas, drink raki , dance all night, visit the museums of which there are dozens, and try all the local foods... and I wouldn't get lost.

4) Visit cooking schools in Italy, Croatia, Mexico, Greece, Thailand, New Zealand.....

5) Pay it forward!!!! Spread joy ..money doesn't create happiness but it will help those I choose along the journey of my life!!!!!

Five bad habits:

Well that is a silly question...I don't have any.... 'what choo talkin about Willis!!!

1) I pack my lunch for work and eat it by 10...at lunch I have crackers because I have no lunch.

2) I spend far too much time blogging and watching the food Network.

3) I don't call my friends often enough to get together...because I am blogging and watching the food network. I need to have more time spent with laughter and a glass of good wine!

4) I buy chocolate chips to make cookies and then when I want to make cookies they are all gone.

5) I am always putting things away..this is a bad habit because people are in the middle of using it or just about to use it..I don't like to see clutter. My kitchen counter is a shrine.....

Five things you like doing:

1) Sitting at MY beach with my most recent favourite novel.

2) Having a nice dinner and a glass of wine at one of the local wineries...watching the world go by.

3) Blogging and making blogging friends.

4) Hiking and pole-walking..they go hand in hand

5) Driving just for the heck of it....sight seeing...and taking photos along the way...with the music blaring...if I have a visitor to show around all the better!!!!

Sorry..there has to be a 6th..... travelling

Five things you would never wear again:

1) Bell bottom pants.

2) Mini skirts.... don't even go there

3) Skater shoes

4) High Heels.... breaking my neck is not in the cards

5) Men's jeans

Five favorite toys:

1) My computer is top priority

2) My camera

3) My BBQ...It has an infrared spit roaster and is stainless steel... I love to look at it :D Did I mention it is stainless steel and has an infrared roaster?

4) My walking poles

5) My stick blender...great for making my favourite cream soups

Now I need to tag 5 of you. I have tagged most of my friends for MEME's lately so now I am going to tag some perfect strangers. If you are perfect...you have been chosen..wink..wink .There are several talented and "new to me" bloggers that have visited my site lately that I think everyone should get to know. These blogs are new to me but perhaps you have been visiting them for a long time.
Lori cooking up a storm for her family and friends in Southern California at Recipe Girl
Gretchen who dishes up Peruvian classics for us all to enjoy at Canela & Comino
Glamah at Coco Cooks is not really a new blogger to me but I always check out her wonderful blog and she always leaves such kind words on my posts. Her blog is truly a treasure :D
Astra Libris Food for Laughter is a very talented cook from the deep southern USA.
Kittie from Kittens in the Kitchen just completed another MEME so she can carry on with her life in Sussex...for now
White on Rice Couple at White on Rice Couple . I love the entire lay out of their blog.
I will look forward to visiting all of these talented bloggers more often and I hope you do as well :D For those of you who don't like MEME's aren't you glad you commented on my blog? Part of the reason we participate is to get to know a little more about each other and the other to get the word out about our favourite bloggers!!!!!! Even if you just read my own comments I will be a happy camper !!!!
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  1. Great to get to know you more! Thanks for the tag. This is one I did maybe a month ago and I cannot think of how to answer any differently!

  2. Val, I love Greece, being Greek and everything that comes with it.

    It's also frustrating to see Greeks (in Greece) be so stubborn in so many ways and see them take their beautiful land for granted.

    Ahhh, but part of being Greek is the paradoxes...c'est la vie.

  3. Wow Valli! So much to learn about you in one post! :)

    I always love to hear you talk about your time in Greece! I want to go too and have Ivy show me around - that would be the bestest thing ever! I am with you on the dolmades! I am making them tomorrow!

  4. Thank you for the tag, I will respond very soon - as a perfect stranger should!

    I have only just discovered your blog, and am very glad I did! I can only dream of trying so many different classes!!

  5. Oh memes, memes. Hehe, they are fun because you get to know your blogger friends better.
    Blogging too much and watching the Food Network are bad habits? :/


  6. Hi Val, it was so lovely to read and learn more about you through your meme. You are a lovely person and I am so pleased I came across your wonderful blog!

    Rosie x

  7. Thank you so much for tagging me, and for your kind words! I'm honored!

    I had a wonderful time reading your answers... (your grill sounds a-m-a-z-i-n-g... :-)

    I'm looking forward to posting my answers soon! (and crediting your kindness for spreading the fun, of course :-)

  8. Sis, I'm sorry I'm so late to visit today. One of those days very tiring days. Thanks for all the kind things you always say and yes you and Jenn and Nuria and Emiline are all eligible for that VIP treatment. Coming to think about it I shall hire that "yacht" Charles of England cruises around the Aegean every year. I have to play the lotto now.

  9. Hi Val-
    Thanks for the tag... since I just completed a MEME yesterday, I may have to wait a few days to do this one. Love your blog :)

  10. No problem at all Gretchen :D We may be tagged out :D
    Agreed Peter... I can't say I am Greek...but a person can aspire to greatness!
    I remember your dolmades Jenn:D
    You learn so much and meet so many wonderful new friends when cooking Kittie :D
    I watch too much Ben. Hola!
    Thank you Rosie and Astra. I am glad to know both of you :D

  11. Awesome meme, Valli! I love reading these. :) XOXO

  12. Loved your meme Val! There's so many things we have in common ;D, just wait to see mine, hopefully I'll post it this evening.

    This blogging "bad habbit" I think it's sooooo spread :D

  13. Thanks for the kind words. When time permits(soon I pray!) I will answer thse. The thing I do like about Mmes is that there sre so many variations going around. So thats the fun part.

  14. It's nice to get to know you a bit more Val. I'm sure your daughter is missing you just as much as you miss her!

  15. I didn't realize just HOW similar we are! Especially with the bad habits of putting stuff away and blogging too much + the Food Network haha... wait, I'm watching it now! Love what you'd do with the money too, I'd love to pay for my sis to go to school wherever she'd like (her current fantasy is England) - and travel with the fiance and my sister too!

    Hope BC's as gorgeous as ever! One day I'll be back out there, and I'll swing by! Haha.


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