1 November 2007

Photo of the Day....

No time for a recipe today. We are having a Wine & Cheese at the office today for the community to say goodbye to Dr. A and congratulate him, upon his retirement and as a hello to introduce the new doctor. Therefore this morning is just a trip down memory lane for me to a Greek cat outside a bakery in a small Zagorian village on mainland Greece. They had the most delcious croissants stuffed with chocolate. A chocolatine in France...but never did know the word for them in Greek. Maybe someone can help me with that? Have a wonderful day one and all.
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  1. Have a good Wine & Cheese. The pic is so cute.

  2. You are lucky to be employeed at such a wonderful office! Everyone seems to be so thoughtful. Hope you had a great day Val:)

  3. Val, eat, drink and be merry and take a cab home. As for the Greek name of the croissants...I think you just lucked out on a Greek who learned how to bake them. How about "Sokolotaneo Kroyasan"?

  4. Oh, I love that picture! I have a special place in my heart for cats. Especially Greek ones.


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