23 August 2007

You Have Been Voted a "Droolworthy Blogger"...

It was suggested to me by Marye of http://apronstringsandsimmeringthings.blogspot.com/ that I should give out a "Droolworthy Blogger" award. I guess I use the word droolworthy a little too much but sometimes it is the only thing that describes how I feel about a post. Can you believe that is even really a word??? The Urban Dictionary describes it as "something that makes someone overly excited and is worth salivating or drooling over". I like the word itself better. It is kind of like the feeling Marye gets when she reads any recipe that has chipotle peppers. Eh, Marye???? Great suggestion and I can have a little bit of fun along the way and show my appreciation for the hard work and dedication that goes into all your blogs.

A "droolworthy blog" would be a blog who's photos or description of a recipe make you drool and force you to fly to the nearest grocery store to pick up ingredients. Perhaps you just have to immediately PRINT or bookmark the recipe for a future date ..or... as one blogger suggested LICK THE SCREEN!!! It is something you have to have!!!!You can also get a droolworthy award by just darn trying. In my case sometimes recipes are a little camera shy and not at all photogenic. Sometimes the food doesn't last till picture time. You should still be eligible for the award for sheer tenacity.

There are so many "droolworthy" blogs out there it is hard to limit my choice to but a few. Therefore the thing to do would be to accept the award graciously and then pass it along to other "droolworthy" bloggers you know. You can nominate one person or many ; or, choose not to pass it on and keep it to yourself with the knowledge that you are appreciated. I have enjoyed the short time I have been blogging with all the wonderful recipes, hints and insights into day to day life around the globe. The blogging community is a great way to unite all the foodies out there and salute our enjoyment of blogging and our obsession for cooking great food!!!!
I am sorry if I missed you this time...pass it along to others....(NOTE TO SELF: Please limit your speech to 60 seconds...)

And the blogees are (in no particular order).........drum roll please......
Marye at http://apronstringsandsimmeringthings.blogspot.com/ (It was her idea in the first place)
and last but not least Jenn at http://www.leftoverqueen.com/
Congratulations to all the inventive and talented bloggers out there!!
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  1. Wow, thank you so much Valli! You really made my day (my week!). I'm glad that you've enjoyed the photos on my blog, I use a small "unprofessional" camera so it's always tricky trying to get a great shot. I will definitely pass on to other droolworthy blogs soon. I'll savour the award for now :-)

  2. ::sniff::: I am honored..honored..and I promise to wear the droolworthy award with honor and serve tenaciously...and...
    you are hysterical Valli

  3. OH gosh!! I am gushing here! I am so honored that you would consider me droolworthy! I have not been doing my Oak Cottage journal for very long, having spent over a year blogging on my other journal on AOL journals ( http://journals.aol.co.uk/mariealicejoan/MariesMuses/ ) At the beginning of this year I decided I wanted a journal that was mostly about food and so I started my blogger one. It was slow going at first as it took this technologically inept mind a few months to work the kinks out on blogger and figure out how to use it! (a process that is still ongoing I'll admit!) I truly am chuffed that in these somewhat very early days of my journal that you have seen fit to give me this award and I shall treasure it! Thanks!!

  4. Oh thank you!!! I'm touched!

  5. Thanks for the mention. There are some blogs on this list, I've never visited before... so I'm off to check em out....

  6. Awwww...that's so sweet, Valli! And no, I honestly wouldn't have guessed that droolworthy is an "official" word! Well, it certainly applies to your glorious blog, that's for sure! And thanks so much for including me on the list. :-)

  7. Thank you Val, that is a lovely end to a lovely day!

  8. Thank you so very much, Valli! :) You are so sweet! :)

  9. Valli, I am flattered and sheepish at the same time. I just found that you nominated me as droolworthy! A month ago!

    Mucho thanks...


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