11 February 2015

Espresso Martini Affogato for Two

Espresso + Gelato = LOVE

**Espresso Martini Affogato**
based on a recipe from Daydreamer Desserts

2 or 4 tablespoons salted caramel gelato (hazelnut or vanilla flavoured gelato would also work well)
2 ounces hot espresso
2 - 4 sugar cubes (4 grams)
6 ounces triple shot coffee liqueur
1 teaspoon pure vanilla
2 chocolate hazelnut Pirouette cookies, optional garnish

Divide gelato into 2 martini glasses. Place your glasses in the freezer while you prepare the martini.

Dissolve sugar cubes in the hot espresso. Allow to cool slightly.

In a cocktail shaker with ice combine espresso, coffee liqueur, and vanilla extract. Shake well for 10 to 20 seconds. Strain and pour into prepared martini glass.

Garnish each martini glass with a chocolate Pirouette cookie.

Serves 2

* Recipe can easily be multiplied.

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  1. Yum! Affogato is all the rage right now and I've been dying to try it. In martini form is the best!!


    1. "Martini form is the best" = best comment ever!

  2. Yum! Sounds fabulous!

  3. I serve Affogato often for a dessert at dinner parties, but mine have never, ever looked as lovely as yours Val.

  4. Love this. I think I'd rather have this than dessert! It IS dessert!

  5. Perfect, Val! My friend just made Affogato recently, loved it and want to try this. Thanks!

  6. Ohhh, how delicious this sounds. :-) I need to make one, err, two, soon. :-)

  7. How fun, sounds wonderful!


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