23 February 2013

Potato and Zucchini Latke Waffles for Slow Sundays

Potato an Zucchini Latke Waffles

Bonjour. Welcome back to my kitchen my friends where I indulge my culinary cravings and experiment to my hearts content. On a cool, blustery day like today I continue to embrace our S-l-o-w Sunday feature here at More Than Burnt Toast, even if it is only Saturday.  I hope you'll pull up a cozy chair and join me for a comforting breakfast. I have a place set for you at my table. Let me make you a steaming mug of chai tea or your favourite "joe" and a virtual breakfast just as you like it. 

Whenever the mood hits us we will highlight breakfast and brunch ideas that allow us to explore all that a leisurely morning can offer. In my home Sunday is the day for putting my feet up. No matter which S-l-o-w Day you can manage the day should be s-l-o-w, no rushing around, no big errands, just taking your time and moseying along. My idea of enjoying a Sunday morning is to have a warm cup of tea and a long and lovingly prepared breakfast. Any time spent in the kitchen is time well spent! 

The secret to making great latkes is in the potato. The starchier the potato, the crisper the latke. One of the best potato to use are russets since they are high in starch. Although these uber crispy potato latkes are best made just before serving, you can make them ahead and reheat them in the oven. I have definitely messed with tradition and included grated zucchini for an extra nutritional punch. How I do love zucchini as I long for the lazy days of summer. No work today and I am chomping at the bit. I just had my bicycle serviced and am hoping for warmer weather. 

I also broke from tradition and made these in the waffle iron. Spray your waffle iron with plenty of oil to get them as crispy as possible. Double this recipe for a crowd. Serve them a few slices of Canadian peameal bacon, a few tomatoes and a dollop of sour cream mixed with dill or thyme or applesauce.

**Potato and Zucchini Latke Waffles** 

2-3 large russet potatoes, peeled
1 small zucchini
1 small onions, sliced thinly

2 large eggs

4 -6 tablespoons matzoh meal, tapioca starch (for gluten-free) or all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt

freshly ground black pepper

Preheat waffle iron according to manufacturers directions.

Grate the potatoes and zucchini. Transfer to a colander lined with a clean dishtowel.
Gather the edges of the towel and squeeze as much water as you can from the grated vegetables. When you think you're done, squeeze some more!

Transfer the vegetables to a mixing bowl and stir in the sliced onions, eggs, flour, and seasonings.

Spray the waffle iron very generously with nonstick cooking spray. Spoon the batter onto the waffle iron. Close and cook for 12-15 minutes, until browned and crisp. Serve immediately.

Serves 2 -4

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  1. Those waffles are really original and must taste fantastic!



  2. Just had waffles for breakfast, that's a great idea for lunch :-) I normally cook those in a pan

  3. This is a first for me..I have never seen a latke waffle..or a waffle latke:)

  4. I have never been able to master making latkes. I definitely have to try making them in my waffle iron and see how that changes things.

    1. They won't be as crispy as traditional latkes since they are not directly fried in a fair amount of oil, but they are tasty.

  5. Great idea. So much healthier than the standard waffles.

  6. How wonderful - and how different - are these? These must be enormously flavorful. I have to pull my waffle iron out of basement storage and give these a try. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

    P.S. I'll answer your question about the cakes next week.

  7. Now I wish I'd saved that zucchini!! These look delicious and I'll certainly be making them for a leisurely breakfast or a light supper!!


  8. Latke waffles? I love it!

  9. I absolutely love latkes so to have a waffle sized version...definitely awesome.

  10. These look like a great way to enjoy a nice slow morning. I love that they're waffles- more nooks and crannies for sour cream and applesauce. :)

  11. Oh, Val, I would love to pull a chair up to your table and enjoy one of these yummy waffles. Sunday is the day for a comforting, leisurely breakfast.

  12. What a neat twist on the traditional waffle! love that you have included a GF alternative for flour too! Cool and looks completely wonderful!

  13. Oh wow! I never thought of trying savoury waffles. Not that my waffle maker gets to come out of it's box very often. I might have to give it an airing to try these though. They look wonderful!

  14. Potato pancakes are totally familiar, but this is brand new!

  15. Oh neat -- love the latke waffle idea and if you can get it crispy with a vegetable spray rather than frying with a bunch of oil, all the better!

  16. Such a great idea! I am more of a savory person, so I say hurrah for your waffles.

  17. what a fun use for a waffle iron! who says they have to be restricted to plain ol' batter--good on you, val!

  18. What a fantastic idea...I'll have to get the waffle iron out of storage. I can't wait to try them.

  19. What a great looking recipe. I wonder how it might be with a bit of feta crumbled in (you know how I am all about the cheese!)


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