30 April 2009

A Logo, An Art Auction with a Twist......

Giz of Equal Opportunity Kitchen and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and involvement in raising money for the World Food Program (WFP). As foodbloggers, we have the good fortune of having the means to not only eat quality food but to share our recipes and food-related experiences with others around the world. BloggerAid began as a vehicle to create an opportunity for bloggers all over the world to band together to help change the face of famine. Consistent with the original mission, the work of BloggerAid - Changing the Face of Famine at it's new location will continue to be a hub for our combined efforts to raise awareness and funds for the WFP.

With nearly 140 submissions, the BloggerAid Cookbook is currently one of our main focuses. We have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of members devoted to editing the cookbook. Editing began this week. If you are interested in helping out with this ambitious project please let us know. Our plan is to raise funds for the WFP’s School Meals program by selling the cookbook internationally starting in November.

In a continued effort to meet our goals we present:

Art Auction with a Twist

For more details on this event visit BloggerAid - Changing the Face of Famine .

We met Lisa Orgler as foodie friends on FoodBuzz and she has generously agreed to create an art piece from one of YOUR food photographs and donate it to Bloggeraid - Changing the Face of Famine. Her love for food, art and journaling have brought her to blogging and driven her to create art from food creations. On her blog Lunchbox Project Lisa reaches out to fellow bloggers to create a masterpiece from your own photography. The final piece that she has so generously donated to BloggerAid will be displayed on the site for silent auction with the proceeds to the School Meals program.

Lisa is an award-winning artist and designer and has been creating innovative landscapes and media for over ten years. She earned her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University. Her energetic presentations and fresh perspective make her a popular choice for garden design and art talks across the country. Her current project is writing a book on out-of-the ordinary garden design.

So put your thinking caps on!!! Let your fingers walk you over to Lisa blog Lunchbox Project but for more details about the auction visit our site here. Best Blogger Tips


  1. Another great project. Congratulations!

  2. This is sooooo awesome! Great all around...love the logo w/ the place setting! Love it!

  3. You are doing some great works, wonderful!

  4. nice site and good posting....

  5. I am always amazed at your dedication in getting new projects off the ground! You are simply awesome!

  6. Very exciting stuff you guys!

  7. Wow so many links and places to visit and all these new BloggerAid projects!!!
    I have to check it all :D
    Congratulations, you are doing such a fantastic job!!!

  8. How exciting, wonder if she'll pick sweet or savoury, lol!


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