25 May 2008

Barbequed Marinated Goat's Cheese In Vine Leaf Parcels

Marinated Goat's Cheese in Vine Leaf Parcels
Over the weekend the sun decided to shine...perfect for barbeques and lazy days. This is what summer is all about!!! With the sun blazing down I found myself day dreaming again of azure seas and white washed houses. I for one would rather be on a Greek island somewhere drinking in the ambiance. The recipe below I can't recall where I found...but I savoured each and every mouthful with a glass of Citron.

The Citron fruit was known in antiquity as the Median Apple and is said to have been introduced to the Mediterranean area by Alexander the Great. It looks like a very aromatic large lemon with a very thick skin. It is very acidic and is used in Arabic countries as a replacement for vinegar. Up until the Christian era it was the only citrus fruit cultivated in Europe.

In Greece the fruit is preserved and made into spoon-sweets and candies. The leaves are distilled into raki and Citron liquor. The orchards are protected from the wind by kalamia (reeds) twice our height.

We visited the Vallindras Distillery when we were on Naxos which was established near Halki in 1896. They have been producing their Citron in the traditional way since then and their brand can be found all over the world. The original factory is a museum where we saw how the product is made and sampled some for ourselves.

I am daydreaming again..back to the appetizer. These are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! I used some of our local Carmeli's goat cheese. Some people didn't care to have the grape leaf and spread the warmed, spicy goat cheese on their bruschetta bread. Me....I could live on bowls and bowls of dolmades, so, therefore devoured the grape leaf with gusto!!!

**Barbequed Marinated Goat's Cheese in Vine Leaf Parcels**

8 large or 16 smaller vine leaves
4 - 100g/4oz individual goats' cheeses
4 tablespoons olive oil
2 red finger chillies, seeded and finely chopped
2 teaspoons chopped fresh oregano
12 fresh basil leaves, finely shredded
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
½ teaspoons black peppercorns, coarsley crushed
coarse sea salt
Bruschetta-style bread to serve
cocktail sticks soaked in cold water for 30 minutes

If you are using fresh vine leaves, which are available this time of the year remove the tough part of the stem, drop them into a pan of lightly salted water and cook for about 4 minutes. Drain and refresh under cold water. If you are using preserved vine leaves, soak them in hot water, rinse in cold water and drain.

Cut the goats' cheeses in half horizontally into 2 smaller discs. Mix the olive oil with the chopped chili, oregano, basil, garlic, crushed pepper and a little sea salt. Place a vine leaf on a plate (overlap if they're quite small) and a little of the marinade into the centre. Place a disc of goats' cheese on top and then spoon over a bit more of the marinade, making sure that lots of the bits are covering the cut face of the cheese. Fold over the sides of the leaf and secure with one or more cocktail sticks. Repeat 3 more times.

Place the parcels in a shallow dish, pour over any oil left on the plate and set aside for 1 hour.

Brush the outside of the vine leaf parcels with a little more olive oil if necessary and barbecue on medium for about 2-½ minutes on each side. Lift the parcels on to plates, remove the cocktail sticks and fold back the leaves.

Serve with some Bruschetta-style bread.

Serves 4 as a appetizer

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  1. That looks so good! Barbequed goat cheese is a great idea!

  2. Val, thanks for including a pic of the inside of the vine leaf parcel...that sold me.

  3. Hmm, you guys are definitely ahead of us... vine leaves are still half-formed here. No turnips or lettuce yet either, although I am holding my breath!

    I just got back from Victoria. I waved as I flew over Kelowna, but I expect you didn't notice. Too busy snarfing down those delightful looking treats no doubt.

  4. All right that's it. I now have to figure out how to go on a vacation to Greece. You make it sound so wonderfull! And these goat cheese appetizers look amazing. I've bookmarked them.

  5. What a delicious memeory and treat. This is a tasty tangy trest indeed.

  6. AnonymousMay 25, 2008

    Beautiful, Val! I always especially enjoy learning about ingredients like the citron you wrote about.

  7. Goat cheese is kind of crazy-good, isn't it? Sometimes I just crave it. Even though it smells goaty.
    I don't know if I would have eaten the grape leaves, or not. I've never had them!

  8. My heart be still - too incredible and you make it sound easy. You make it sound like not only could I do these, I have to do these!
    Really Val those are beautiful and the inside of the parcel . . . my tongue is out!

  9. Oooohhhh, some of that spread onto warm crusty bread. Heaven.

  10. I love warm goat cheese...this sounds like a great appetizer to serve...creamy texture and unique looking. You are also making want to go to Greece more and more.

  11. Kevin: I agree that BBQ's goat's cheese is the best
    Peter: I was sold too Peter:D
    Ferdzy:If I still lived at the house in Winfield I would have seen your plane fly over:D
    Mary: Everyone should visist Greece at some point in their lives..so much history, beauty and culture:D
    Glamah& Lulu: Thanks:D:D
    Em: You have to try the grape leaves, they can be slightly bitter if you use the larger ones:D
    MKHC: These are a super easy appetizer, give it a try at your next BBQ
    Sylvie: I did toast the bread a wee bit on the BBQ too

  12. A very ingenious dish Val...great idea to put the goats cheese inside the vine leaves. Looks absolutely delicious.

  13. These look absolutely incredible!

  14. AnonymousMay 26, 2008

    These look just incredible. Goat cheese is just my all time favorite.

    This is perfection in a parcel.

  15. Best recipe I have seen so far today! Vegetarian barbeque recipes are always welcome, even though I don't own one. I'm printing this off for future reference. Just wonderful Val! Thanks.

  16. YUM, YUM,YUM. I love dolmades. AND I love to travel. If you need a culinary companion on your next journey, let me know. In the meantime, I'll just drool over the wonderful creations you have posted here.

  17. This is really interesting - and it sounds good! I have never seen this before!

  18. Val your cheese dolmades are excellent and have been bookmarked. I want your help on citron. Is it the same fruit called bitter orange? I guess it must be because although in Cyprus we do speak Greek we have words which are remnants of ancient Greek. What is called Nerantzi in Greek we call it Kitromilo in Cypriot, meaning citron apple and when I checked the word citron in wikepedia I saw that its ancient name was Median apple. Thanks for posting this Val.

  19. Those look spectacular--grilled goat cheese? I'd be all over it.

  20. Oh Val, those look incredible. I am such a sucker for anything wrapped in grape leaves!

  21. Ooh, what an elegant appetizer! These would also be great with crisp green apples on a salad.

  22. AnonymousMay 26, 2008

    Wonderful idea, Val. :)

  23. AnonymousMay 26, 2008

    This looks fabulous. I've never heard of anything like this before. But goat cheese? Grape leaves? Barbeque? I can think of no better combination of amazing things that I would never have thought of together before.

  24. I really like how savory and unique these sound. It's like a fancy but simple bbq snack; I like that :).

  25. Sounds perfect for a sunny summer evening.

  26. What a good idea! I love this recipe. Very good combination, thanks a lot :)

  27. I love hearing you re-live your wonderful Greece memories Val!

  28. I am definitely making these. I love everything about them.

  29. Thank you for all your kind comments everyone. These really are delicious if you LOVE goats cheese and grape leaves as I do:D
    Sis Ivy had me doing a little more research to determine if the citron of Naxos was the same as the bitter orange. It has been decided that they are not the same. For more info visit this link:

  30. Ooooh yes spread on to warm toasted bread and I'd be heaven.

    Rosie x

  31. Val, I was hungry before I read your entry - now I'm craving!!

    These look so good - and I'd be eating the leaves too!!!!

  32. What a GREAT idea Valli! I love it!

  33. Cheese is the reason I'm not vegan :) Lovely presentation and certain to be full of flavor. These would be a hit at a summertime barbecue.

  34. thank you so much for adding me.


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