21 April 2008

Taste & Create Bacon Wrapped Chicken Logs

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Logs

There are a few events in the blogosphere that I try not to miss. One such event is the brainchild of Nicole (aka Myamii) over at For the Love of Food . She is a young mom from the States who has been living in Germany for the past 5 years. I love to visit her site for all the delicious recipes as well as tidbits on how to get more traffic to our own blogs. She is very generous and always helpful whenever I have a question...or two. She even has an on-line store with wonderful kitchen gadgets and gourmet foods. If you haven't had the chance to visit please take the time...you will be glad you did.

The premise of the Taste and Create event is simple

... we are paired with another blogger
... we choose a recipe from their extensive posts
...we prepare the dish and then
... blog about it.

I love this event because I am able to showcase someone else's blog, a favourite dish or just "chat up" a friend. The blogosphere is filled with delicious recipes that are piling up waiting for me to try. It's time to get some of them out from the blogosphere and into my kitchen!!!! Taste and Create allows me to to do just that each and every month!!! What could be better!

This month I have been paired with the very talented Elizabeth from my old stomping grounds of Toronto, Ontario where she lives with her husband. To use her own words "We adore good food and get great pleasure from dining outdoors in our garden. We have gathered together a rather extensive collection of recipes and altered them to make them our own. " It was very easy to choose a dish from her blog Blog From Our Kitchen , because we have such similar tastes in food. Nicole has done an excellent job of pairing me with foodies all these months!!

In my attempts to hurry summer along I have been barbequing whenever I have a free moment. Anyone who reads my blog even once will already be aware of my two loves...chicken and potatoes. Elizabeth and her husband T have been making this barbequed dish over and over again for family and friends. Their version is here .

The Verdict: The dish turned out beautifully. I cooked it on the barbeque on a piece of aluminum foil only because I was afraid of flareups with the bacon and did not want to stand over the grill. ( I had to get the rest of the meal ready....well....set the table...because there really was nothing else to do!!) The bacon keeps the boneless chicken breast really moist and flavourful. I paired them with some simple barbequed potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil and the tabbouleh salad I had prepared this morning. At the end of the meal I threw away the aluminum foil and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Now this is summer cooking at its FINEST!!!!!!

Addendum: Elizabeth is right...this makes wonderful finger food for a picnic as well. I took it for lunch the next day and it was was delicious cold as well.

**Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Logs**

boneless chicken breast
goat cheese
basil pesto
oven dried tomato (optional)
toasted pinenuts (optional)
salt & pepper

A couple of hours before grilling, put the chicken breast between two pieces of plastic and pound it flat.

Spread on some goat cheese and pesto.

Add capers and salt & pepper. Add chopped oven-dried tomato and toasted pinenuts if using.
Roll into tight logs and wrap with bacon.

Wrap each log tightly with plastic and refrigerate for at least two hours.

Barbecue at medium heat with the lid down. Turn the logs to get bacon crispy all over. It’s done when the bacon is crispy and golden.

Serve sliced, either hot or cold. This is great picnic fare!

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  1. Wow! That looks soooooo tasty! I keep meaning to do the Taste and Create event and forgetting about it. I need to find the next one and get it into my calendar!

  2. That looks delicious and sounds wonderful. Can't wait to get my BBQ out of hibernation.

  3. Hmmm that looks just delicious, Val. I was forgetting the deadline is this week, where is my head this days!


  4. OMG Yum! Yum yum yum yum and may I also say YUM! Bacon, cheese, pine nuts, pesto. What could be better?

  5. You can never go wrong with bacon! Or potatoes, or chicken, for that matter!

  6. Looks delicious! The Taste and Create sounds like an interesting event!

  7. Looks like a great dish and a great event. Thanks for the link!

  8. Vall this looks soooo yumy and nice!!!! Grat recipe!! x Gloria

  9. Val - this looks amazing - really pretty with a great mix of things to chose from - I love that

  10. I also like this event very much and I'm sorry I missed it. The chicken sounds so delicious.

  11. The bacon is a great touch in his dish Val. All that yummy flavour with the chicken. Simple recipe and limited washing up!...you can't ask for more.

  12. I made something similar recently but I totally missed out on wrapping it in bacon, that's definitely something for next time!

  13. Excellent idea to do it on the BBQ. Im sure it gave it a nother dimension.

  14. Vallie these look great! Nice was to celebrate a spring snowfall! Mother Nature sure likes to play tricks on us this time of year! I will be adding your optional ingredients to mine as I love sundried tomatoes and pine nuts!!!
    In your previous post, cannot go wrong with a Paula recipe. I have a couple of her books and adore them!

  15. I'm so glad you loved the bacon wrapped chicken logs as much as we do! And I guessed completely incorrectly about which dish you would make. Thanks for the reminder to make these!

    I'll be posting soon about the dish we made from your kitchen.


    P.S. We were certain you were going to choose Moroccan chicken with dried fruits to go with couscous and preserved lemons! :-)

  16. Chicken stuffed with cream cheese...mmm...

  17. I take it you are finally done with winter? The chicken looks great! I am going to have to check out this taste and create thing.

  18. Bacon will ensure this chicken stays moist and let's face it..chicken breast needs all the hep it can get.

    I can see this being a nice complement to a Caesar salad, no?

  19. Wow, your description of summertime cooking sounds divine... and then I reached the list of ingredients, and the fabulousness just kept increasing... Sounds like summertime perfection indeed!

  20. Mm, bacon! Those sound awfully good. I'd leave out the capers, not being fan, but everything else - yum! I do wish I had a BBQ.

  21. very tasty and wonderful and I keep missing the event as well! aaagh!

  22. That's just the kind of dinner we love in our house, looks great :)

  23. It sounds like a great event, Val! Plus you are so enthusiastic about it that it's contagious :D I have to take a look at it!!!

    Your Bacon wrapped chicken drums are so apealing!!! Great job, girl :D

  24. Chicken can be pretty boring, but this one!

  25. Bacon, goat cheese, and capers, Oh My!
    This does sound wonderful... And if it ever quits raining we're going to do more grilling...
    I can't say how many 'this is the last risotto of the season''s I have made during this wet spring!


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