1 March 2008

Spring has Sprung.........

I really think that Spring has arrived for good. That is the sound of me crossing both my fingers and toes because as we know Spring is very unpredictable. All of the snow has disappeared totally overnight... THAT is a beautiful thing...

Today I am joining some friends who's harp trio is playing at an event this morning. Life is getting in the way of blogging today :D

Yesterday I came across these beautiful and spring-like chevre cheese rounds that are perfect for entertaining, or, just indulging in some whimsy. This one has a beautiful little pansy floating on top. In the early 1990s David Wood left Toronto, where his namesake store set a new standard for the city's gourmet shops. Since making the move his Salt Spring Island Cheese Company cheeses have become "de rigueur" for any serious Vancouver restaurant's cheese plate. Wood will soon be selling his chevre and goat cheeses outside of British Columbia. Their site is in the construction stages but please feel free to visit Saltspring Island Cheese .

The year-round residents of Saltspring Island include an eclectic mix of artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs. You can soak in the relaxed atmosphere and the quiet island lifestyle and spirit that has attracted many on one of the largest of the South Gulf Islands off the coast of Vancouver Island.

The island has 225 farms and is known for its sheep-raising. Saltspring is also known as a centre for arts and crafts with it's high population of artists and musicians. It has an impressive selection of shops, restaurants and tourist accommodations.

I can't tell you much from first hand experience. It was always on my list of one of those places I had to visit for a relaxing and idylic setting. When there a few years ago I visited one of the shops and made plans to go on a self-guided gastronimical and art tour around the island with my daughter. As fate would have it I broke my leg and spent 3 days "touring" the Salt Spring Island hospital instead and had a 3 month vacation from work. I still plan to visit the island again and this time to actually see more of all it has to offer. When I am there this time I plan on visiting the Saltspring Island Cheese Shop. Best Blogger Tips


  1. More spring talk and I am still freezing :-p And the few pictures they have up on that site look really good. I can't wait to get my hands on some of them.


  2. We went to Salt Spring Island this past summer. I did pick up some Salt Spring Island Cheese -- although none of it lasted beyond the remainder of our trip in BC.

    I wrote about it here.

  3. Mmm ... local cheese - always a good thing :)

    And I agree, Saltspring Island totally rocks - very pretty, arty and a great biking destination.

  4. I sure hope spring is coming soon! It just snowed like crazy today : (

  5. Salt Spring Island is my favorite little Utopian hideaway in Cascadia! I've been twice, and I loved the farmer's market the best. Oh, I'm having the nicest memories right now! Thanks, Valli. :)

  6. Yes ben their cheeses are a beautiful thibg to add to a cheese plate!!
    Lucky girl Psych to have been to the cheese shop. If I hadn't broken my leg I would have loved to have visted it myself..it was on the list..
    Saltspring Island or Salt Spring Island ROCKS!!!! Kay Kat..I agree wholeheartedly :D

    Spring has to come eventually Jessie... I hope it just arrives for you soon. I know back east my family is knee deep in snow. Today I had only a T-shirt on...yes I am gloating :D
    I never made it to the Farmer's Marke Kat Kat, once again the broken leg put a damper on things :D

  7. Oh man! That's too bad about your leg. I can only imagine how disappointing that must have been. Do go back!

    I think it's spring, too! Today it was in the 60's. Our first day in awhile.

  8. Pssst...
    Good luck in the joust.
    I'm not saying who I voted for.

  9. That is a lovely little cheese! It will go perfectly with your French Bread...
    Don't you hate it went well-deserved holidays end up with a hospital tour? Better luck next time...as THEY say....

  10. What a pretty cheese and that is not a word used often in conjunction with cheese! Have fun with your friends!

  11. I would love to visit the farmers market next time I am there Heather.
    I will go back Emeline:D I was thinking of a west coast tour this summer but we ladies are also supposed to be going to Vegas:D
    There was not French bread left for the cheese Katie:D
    I had a fun time listening to the relaxing hrp music Holler:D

  12. Lovely cheese's pictures, I die for cheeses! and white wine!!! I think too Vall your Spring is near because here the Autumn is near too, (Thank's God)But today is a hot day yet) xxxx Gloria

  13. Hi Val, oh lovely cheese mmmm..... spring I thought it was here but news of colder weather in the UK!! Have a great time with friends and good music! :D

    Rosie x

  14. Thats the prettiest cheese I ever did see! And Salt Spring sounds like a great place to visit. Sorry your leg broke then, what a bummer!

  15. I would love to visit Canada one day!!! It seems that some old relatives of my father emigrated to Canada years ago! It's a land I have always felt attracted to.
    I'm also dividing my time between blogging and outside entertaining.
    I love Spring too :D

  16. Those look gorgeous! Happy spring Valli! Thanks for sharing with us this beautiful cheese.
    Hope you enjoyed the harp concert. Roberto and I love harp music...


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