15 January 2008

Salsa Cheddar Chicken por favor!!!!!

Salsa Cheddar Chicken
Today seems like it might be an interesting day. When I first logged onto my blog the Dashboard features were all in German. Good thing I know my way around here like the back of my hand or I would have been lost. It reminded me of was it was like trying to set up an MSN account for someone when we were in Cuba and it was all in Spanish. I really need to learn more languages fluently..perhaps that can be a resolution for 2008. I need to be able to converse in other languages more than just saying "please", "thank you", "your welcome", "how much is this?" and "small portions please"!!!!

This recipe comes from Food Network star Mike Smith of "Chef at Home" and "Chef at Large". He brings an international flavour to dishes from his home in the Maritimes. His recipes always include a bit of this and a bit of that, so, perhaps that is why I enjoy his "down home" cooking!!

During the week there is barely enough time to peel a potato, so, this easy and simple dish shows up fairly often. What an easy and delicious way to have chicken on a busy weeknight!!

**Salsa Cheddar Chicken**

A splash of vegetable oil
4 x boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 cup or so of salsa
1 cup or so of cheddar cheese, grated

Preheat oven to 375°F.

Heat a large sauté pan over medium-high heat.

Add oil and when it just starts to smoke, add chicken.

Sear it until it is well browned, flip and sear the other side.

Place browned chicken in a 9" x 13" baking pan.

Spoon the salsa over the breasts.

Sprinkle the cheddar over top and bake for 15-20 minutes, until chicken is cooked through and cheese has melted.


Flavourful...you bet!!!

Serves 4

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  1. Was just taking out some frozen chicken before I leave for work. My challenge is learning German and then Swedish for my boyfriend. Classes just dont do it.I can speak some french however. I like to try to read blogs in those languages and have even purchased a cookbook or two. A fun, baby step way to try to learn.

  2. Oh yay! I have chicken thawing and now I know what to make for dinner!

  3. Gosh Valli, I just love these quick, easy, items for the week nights! Since it has salsa, what did you serve it with?

  4. Easy Peasy, Val! I'm a fan of Michael Smith too. He demystifies good home cooking.

  5. I always am looking for quick week night meals. This one sounds delicious!

  6. Hi Val,
    Greetings from Syndey :-)

    This looks like a perfect mid-week dish: quick & easy, yet so flavoursome.

    A few years ago, I had the ambition of joining an organisation like the UN so I tried to learn several languages (Mandarin, French, Italian), but never committed myself to the lessons so I never became fluent. But I can read menus! ;-)

  7. I have been meaning to try this one. Michael Smith's Chef at Home is one of my favorite food network programs.

  8. Salsa Cheddar- sounds like a Nachos flavor. What a way to whip up a chicken dish. Clever!

  9. I'm all for quick and easy. This looks great.

  10. Hola Val! Here is my small contribution into your new 2008 purposes:

    ¡Este pollo con salsa Cheddar parece muy bueno! This chicken with Cheddar sauce looks very good!

  11. I took French all through middle school and highschool and still can't carry on a conversation Gloamah. You need to be immersed in a language. A year in Cuba or Mexico will do it to learn my Spanish!..or maybe Spain!
    Hey Deb..I had the chicken with sweet potato fries and a salad....keeping it simple.
    I can recognize basic menu items as well Nora..except in Greece where even the letters are not the same. We gotta eat!!!!!! and eat well!!!!!!!

  12. I've never heard of Mike Smith. I need to start watching Foodtv more, like I used to.

    This salsa cheddar chicken looks great. Did you know that Sargento puts out a chipotle-flavored cheddar cheese? It looks good.

  13. What a great idea for a midweek meal when speed is of the essence. I will definately be trying this one - thanks for the inspiration!

  14. This looks really good. Anything with salsa satisfies me. Have a good one.


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