5 January 2008

Favourite Foods # 2- Greek Yogurt with Walnuts & Honey

I am starting my Saturday morning with one of my favourite breakfast foods. In keeping with the train of thought I have so far in 2008 (with my first favourite food of mashed potatoes with Boursin cheese) I present Greek Yogurt with Walnuts & Honey.

When I was in Greece I must have had this, or a version of this with fresh fruit and honey, every single morning. I had it waiting for our caique to take us to a volcanic island,... I had it overlooking the Agean Sea on the island of Kea from my balcony... I had it before a long hike to a monastery in a small village in the mountains....to make a long story short I had it every morning, at every hotel and guest house I stayed in during the 5 weeks I was there. I fell in love with the Greek yogurt which is very different in taste and texture from our standard fare here in the wild, wild west.

At the newest grocery chain venture here I found some yogurt by Liberte called Mediterranee. There is also a Balkan yogurt that I can find once in a while that also comes very close to the flavours I remember. Maybe you really need the warm sea breezes and the sunshine to get the flavour just right.

But...since we are in the throws of winter here in Canada I will close my eyes and take a virtual trip to Greece with every luscious and creamy mouthful of yogurt for my breakfast. There is absolutely no recipe needed for this.

1) Place yogurt in bowl.

2) Sprinkle with walnuts (or sometimes fresh fruit)

3) Drizzle with honey (preferably Greek honey as I have here from the island of Kea..perhaps someone can tell me what the label says on the jar...what kind of honey is it?!!!).....I am told it is thyme honey...makes sense when Kea's landscape was covered in wild thyme....

4) Close your eyes..and dream.....
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  1. I enjoy trying honeys from Greek bee keepers and their various batches.

    I'm sure you remember the very 1st yogurt & honey you had in Greece, like me.

  2. One of my favourite yogurts... they have flavour like this from Muller Amore... delicious.

  3. I AM pregnant! 11 weeks tomorrow - due July 27. I have been SO sick - food has NOT been my friend the last 3 months! Ha.

  4. There's nothing comparable to it. It's just the best!!!Fortunately it's easy to find out here.

  5. If only I knew Greek...

    We recently got Greek yogurt in our grocery store. I want to do something with it, but I don't know what.
    I'm sure just eating it is delicious, though. The label said it has a higher fat content. Mmmm. Creaminess.

  6. Our grocery story here in KW just started carrying actual Greek yogurt. You are so right - it tastes so much better than our yogurt. So instead of Dannon yogurt, we make our own fruit yogurt for a treat adding fresh or dried fruits. I have not tried putting nuts in it, thanks for the great idea!

  7. greek yogurt with walnuts and honey is one of my favorite foods, too!

  8. Greek yogurt with walnuts honey is a great breakfast!

  9. Sadly Greek yogurt is hard to find in rural Ohio, but I do love it with honey and almonds. (I like them better than walnuts!)

  10. This is so funny, I'm eating a bowl of Greek yoghurt right now! (not in Greece, it's pouring and it's after dinner yoghurt..oh well)

    And...your honey? Is thyme honey!
    courtesy of my 14-yr old son who studies Greek in school and could say it out loud to me and then I could search. So here you are!
    And..thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. I LOOOOOVVVEEEE Greek Yogurt! It is not as easy to come by here in Florida as it was up North, so when I have it, it is all the more special.

  12. Mmmm i had this all the time on holiday in Crete - simply gorgeous! Just to feel healthier i added fresh orange and nectarine - ooooh it was good!!!

  13. AnonymousJune 14, 2008

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