17 December 2007

Cerys Well Done Angel Award.......

David Hall is a talented British "bloke" over at Book the Cook. He was a finalist on BBC's "Master Chef at Large", is a writer and an entrepeneur. He has awarded me "Cerys Well Done Angel Award" for which I am completely grateful. Cery is his daughter (isn't she the sweetest thing; look at that little face!!!) My recipe for Strawberries & Cream Cheese Tart has met with Cery's approval and is what caught their attention.
The fact that anyone at all reads my ramblings here on my blog is always an inspiration to me. The fact that someone would try my recipes is also flattery at it's best. David has truly captured the essence of blogging for me here. Thank you David from the bottom of my heart. You have made my day... my week.. my year!! I hope you and Cery have a special holiday season together!!!!
Tonight the "girls" and I are headed to Joeys for our monthly Bellini night. It is always really special when we can all get together, chat and catch up..and of course consume Bellini's by the pitcher! With all of us working for different companies these days our Bellini nights have become even more precious to us. I'll have a Bellini for you too!!!
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  1. Congrats! That tart looks fabulous!

  2. Congrats, my fellow Cery's Award Recipient!
    I'll be hunting down that tart recipe just as soon as all this snow is gone and the berries are ripe!

  3. Oh I fell in love with your tart too. It was the drizzled chocolate over the strawberries, and then of course the Baileys, not forgetting the cream cheese........
    Happy Christmas and New Year. Mx

  4. Congrats on a very well deserved award!!! Your tart did it for me as well! Yumm!!

  5. Thak you so much everyone. Congrats to you as well Aimee for getting Cery's attention too!!

  6. Congratulations!!! Isn't it GREAT to be a foodie/blogger? Brings you so much satisfaction!

    Cery is another angel for your collection!!!
    By the way, I love Bellinis ;-)

  7. Oh, that is so lovely! Thanks for the write up. I've tried to explain to Cerys that she is being spoken about in a foreign land but she just laughed then started to sing. Have a fantastic Xmas and good luck for 2008 - looking forward to reading more great recipes!

    All the best
    David and Cerys x


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