21 December 2007

Seasoned Eatings

Every day we read blogs from our our fellow bloggers from all over the world. We hear about foods and spices that we have either not heard of in our every day cooking or that we can't find readily. I have discovered a little Italian grocers not far from here that seems to have everything that the others do not. They have all manner of cheese, meat and spices. I found Greek oregano and even corn flour which I had previously been unable to find anywhere at all in our fair city.

Katie from Thyme for Cooking in collaboration with Lindsay at Country Girl City Living came up with a brainwave of an event called Seasoned Eatings. We were given the name and address of a fellow blogger and were instructed to send a spice that is local and we are renowned for, or, a spice that reflects our style of cooking. To use Country Girl City Living's exact words, " Your task is to find one spice, that is either local to your area or is representative of your cooking style". We needed to include a recipe using that spice and then the recipient would blog about it.

This was a perfect event for the holiday season! It was like receiving a Christmas present from a good friend. As luck would have it my partner was Lindsay who had the inspiration to start this event in the first place after visiting the farmers markets of New York City. My "Seasonal Eating" only just arrived today so there is only time to take its photo, but, not enough time to prepare the delicious recipe for "Honey Glazed Pear Upside-Down Cake". I can't wait to try it and it will come in a later post.

Lindsay says that when she discovered this honey at the farmers markets of New York City it gave her the inspiration for the Seasonal Eating event! As she says, "How fun it is to know that it comes from the rooftops of NYC".!!

The recipe for the upside-down cake is a legend at the Gramercy Tavern and is also a star in the restaurant's cookbook!! What a special treat it will be to make this delicious dessert with it's succulent honey and pears. Too bad we had to wait for the "snail mail" to have my parcel arrive or else you would be looking at photos of this luscious dessert right now...and of course I would be savouring every mouthful! Instead I give you a photo of the honey itself and thebeautiful box it came in, with a card and a write up about the honey. There is even a photo of my favourite actor Tom Hanks signing an autograph saying he can't wait to try the roof top honey!

The honey comes from David Graves of "New York City Rooftop Honey". Grave's raw honey is made from beehives kept on twelve New York City rooftops, from the Bronx to the Upper East Side and from Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn. Graves set up his first rooftop beehive at his fathers Chevrolet dealership in 1985. That is just so cool!!

Thank you very much for the beautiful box Lindsay, the interesting articles and the lovely card. Thank you also for making my day with this event. I truly enjoyed participating and I hope that the event continues and becomes an annual thing!
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  1. Yay....you got your package! Ask Lindsay if she has more info on the type of honey it is, etc.

    The concept of using NYC building rooftops is very creative.

  2. I am thrilled you got your package Val! We will have to compare honey as Sher sent me a jar from her local beekeepers. I will do a post on it as soon as I find a reciepe to use it. This event was just too fun!

  3. What a brilliant idea! I'd love to have done this!

  4. What a wonderful thing to be sent!! I never knew that honey was harvested from rooftops in NYC - how very cool!! I hope you are able to make the cake and share it with us.

  5. How fun! I've read about that honey! I remember thinking how strange to have hives on the roofs.
    I can't wait to hear how it tastes. I buy honey whenever we travel, all slightly different tastes from different places.
    Such a pretty box, too.

  6. Rooftop honey: how interesting. I'll be waiting for your post on the recipe. Such a cool event!

  7. In the article Lindsay sent it seems the honey tastes like the laurel tree in some instances. It depends on if there is also a rooftop garden and what is there. The bees work longer hours it says because sometimes they travel up to 3 miles (not km) to work and back.
    Yes I was thrilled to get my package as well Deb. I am making the recipe Lindsay sent this weekend, probably Sunday morning. It sounds delicious!
    It was fun Nicisme! There is always next year!
    I will definitely make the cake and take photos Deborah!
    I love honey as well Katie and have a huge jar still from Greece. It has it's own unique flavour as well. I used top have orange blossom honey from my friends in Florida.
    Yes it was cool Simona. I had fun!

  8. How cool. I am going to ask my mom (who lives in the city) about that honey! This was such a fun event!

  9. Oh Valli, that recipe sounds so amazingly good. I can't wait until you post it. And the honey - who'da thunk that you could collect honey from the rooftops of New York City. Great gift!

  10. So you could always learn something while reading other blogs :-). Very interesting!

  11. Hi Val! What a great Event! What a wonderful idea! I love it. I asked Katie if I could participate in the second round... I hope there will be a second round!
    Happy Holidays!!!!

  12. I have read about David Graves so what a treat it must have been to get such a lovely ingredient. I will be back to check out the main event. In the meantime have a wonderful Christmas Valli. xx

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  14. Dear Valli, so nice post, I enjoy it, I love too how many types of spices are!!! Dear I want to whish you a really Happy Christmas with all yours and a wonderful next year, xxx Gloria

  15. This is such a great little event! Sounds like so much fun! Have a great time making the cake! Can't wait to see your Yule Log!


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