23 November 2007

Pseudo Starbucks Eggnog Latte

'Tis the season to be jolly...fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la.. My sister and I would start singing Christmas carols, and driving people mad of course, just after Hallowe'en. Even as a kid I would start planning early.

Once Christmas Day is over it is really quite a let down for me. My entire joy( besides being together with family and friends) that I get from Christmas is the months of planning and finding the perfect gift for each and every person on my list way before Christmas. The joy of gift giving is ingrained in my soul!!! For those of you who don't start shopping until Christmas Eve...you're missing the point!!!! At least my vision of what Christmas is all about (besides the obvious).

I have been shopping and collecting recipes for at least a month now. The carefully chosen gifts are even neatly wrapped or in gift bags in my closet as we speak. There are two reasons behind my madness. One is so that if nosy little cherubs peak into the closet before Christmas they will see pretty little wrapped gifts and not what is inside. The other reason I am a big fan of the "wrap as you go" philosophy is because then I can spend more time with my family (and in my favourite pass time of cooking wonderful Christmas delights) rather than spending hours wrapping gifts all at once. I am not done yet because that would spoil my joy. I am still seeking the perfect gifts for others. I am sifting through the recipes and trying to decide whether I will do something different or stick to the "tried and true"...maybe with a little twist....that is the joy for me.

December 1st I will be hanging decorations in anticipation of Tree Trimming Parties and other get togethers over the holiday season. I have always loved Starbuck's Eggnog Latte, so, this is my version..perfect for house decorating day. Crack open the Christmas CD's with Michael Buble belting out his version of Christmas songs and I will be in heaven!!!

The photo of the little fairy is part of my Christmas collection which I started when I was 15. She is a new addition.

**Pseudo Starbucks Eggnog Latte**

½ cup eggnog
¼ cup whole milk
Espresso coffee
Pinch of ground nutmeg

1. Combine cold eggnog with cold milk. Cold non-fat milk can be substituted for the whole milk.

2. Heat eggnog and milk in microwave for approximately 30 seconds. Eggnog heats more quickly than milk so watch the temperature.

3. Put a shot of espresso in cup.

4. Using aeorator whip milks till frothy and triple in volume.

5. Add to coffee in cup.

6. Sprinkle with nutmeg if desired. Add whipped cream if desired.

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  1. I am sitting here this morning make stock from the turkey carcus and listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC! And oh, I must get Michaels CD. I can just imagine how wonderful it is!

  2. Oh man. You make me ill. I am in charge of making Christmas dinner (for 9) this year and I am morosely aware that maybe I should start thinking about it. Especially since I will NOT be free to cook for the 2 days before Christmas. (Nobody asked me if I wanted to; the word came down from on high from MIL, LOL.)

    Maybe a couple of those eggnog lattes would get me fired up...

  3. Oh, I should do what you do - in the last few years I shop frantically at the last minute. I much prefer to enjoy the process and not panic at the last minute.

    I still haven't had proper eggnog!

    Have a good weekend, Valli.

  4. You are a woman after my own heart.

  5. Valli, Xmas is such a big joyful event for you! I really enjoy reading your post! :)

  6. I LOVE Michael Buble and Josh Groben (?) as well. Christmas music gets me into the spirit at the moment Deb.
    Sorry to make you ill Ferdzy..wink...wink..It is terrible to be designated to Christmas duty when you won't be there to prepare. It takes at least 2 days of cooking to get everything ready so that you can enjoy the meal when it is put on the table. Maybe you could have some frozen dishes ready to go on the day in the freezer to lighten the load. I feel sorry for you...I really do. It is a big all time consuming job!!!!!Put some booze in the lattes!!!!

    I think the main reason I plan early is that I don't do well last minute Nora. You'll probabbly find all kinds of delicious eggnog recipes in our blogs before Christmas!

    Thank you Cynthia and Anh!!!!

  7. You really must be my long lost twin, Valli.
    And I love the egg nog lattes... :)

  8. I'd be happy to be your long lost twin Marye!! You are such an energetic and special lady..your family is lucky to have you Marye!

  9. Hi Val,
    You are very organised! I should follow your example and start wrapping, the gifts are already piling up!


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