15 September 2007

Let the Games Begin!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to last month's winner of the Royal Foodie Joust Mehgan of Crave Perfection with her amazing Zucchini Stuffed Chicken with Buttermilk Chipotle Sauce. The joust is hosted by our good friend Jenn over at http://www.leftoverqueen.com/ . She had been featured on Yahoo Food this month as well as having diversified her career plans. She is so lucky to have the ability to incorporate her passion for food, and all things food related, into her work. We should all be as passionate and excited about our work as she is!! This month the 3 ingredients for the joust are White Chocolate, Pears and Lavender.

I decided to go with a Black & White Chocolate Fondue Infused with Lavender. To incorporate the lavender into the cream I heated it just to the boiling stage and then let it steep for 30 minutes. Then strain it through a fine sieve. To make the lavender infusion you must add 2 tablespoons of culinary lavender buds for each cup of boiling liquid (usually water or milk). This recipe called for a 1/2 cup of cream . Therefore I can use the extra 1/2 cup of infused cream to make lavender scones for breakfast. Lavender Infusion can be used to make lavender lemonade, iced tea, cakes, cookies and sorbets. A Lavender milk or cream infusion can be used to make Lavender Creme Brulee, Lavender Ice Cream, Lavender Cheese Cake, Lavender Scones and more. The ideas are endless!!!!

**Black and White Chocolate Fondue Infused with Lavender**
  • 1/2 cup 1/2 and 1/2 cream infused with lavender (as above - 2 T lavender buds for each cup of almost boiling cream; steep for 30 minutes. Strain)
  • 6 oz premium Bernard Callebaut white chocolate, chopped
  • 6 oz premium Bernard Callebaut semi-sweet or milk chocolate, chopped
  • pears, strawberries, grapes, plums, bananas or other fruit of your choice
  • pound cake or fruitcake
1. Melt the semi-sweet or milk chocolate with 1/4 cup of cream in one heavy-bottomed saucepan or double boiler.

2. Melt the white chocolate with 1/4 cup of milk in a second heavy-bottomed saucepan or double boiler. (Note: if the mixture becomes too thick, add a little more cream to thin it out)
3. Surround the bowl with the cakes and fruit. Serve with fondue forks for dipping.
Serves 6

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  1. What a creative way to use these ingredients! It looks wonderful.

  2. Good luck on the Joust!!! Sounds like a yummy combination there. And thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a great blog here too. The Tiganopita sounds yummy and reminded me of my trip to Austria and having Kaisersmarren for the first time. You need a good hike to eat food like that. LOL

  3. How beautiful Valli! I love Lavender flavor too.Hope you win!:))

  4. Wow that sounds DELICIOUS!!! How wonderful Valli!

    You are so sweet! Thanks for all your kind words!

  5. Thanks guys for all your encouragement. Isn't blogging fun!!I would like to try kaisersmarren Pat. I will have to GOOGLE it.

  6. mmm...valli! great job! I have to grocery shop tomorrow and then.... :)

  7. Black & White Chocolate Fondue Infused with Lavender...the name alone is dreamy, let alone the taste. You are always so creative, Valli. And every time I see lavender mentioned by a food blogger, I am so intrigued.

  8. Valli, I LOVE lavender. So this is my dream fondue ;-) I can just imagine the aroma...

  9. Valli, this must be a great way to use the theme ingredients! Love the fondue. (I will need to save up $$$ for a good set!)

  10. What a great idea for the joust ingredients! I never would have thought of that. Where do you get your lavender? If I could find some I may whip up an entry also.

  11. Thanks guys!!!
    Andy, we are lucky enough to have a lavender farm in town. They also sell it at the farmers market. If not maybe you have a friend who grows lavender in their garden (When I had a garden I did also). As long as they don't spray it can be used too!!!

  12. I love fondue! I have a chocolate fondue fountain and I like to try different recipes and combinations. I'll put this on the list.

  13. Mmmm, sounds so good. I loooove it! Good idea.

  14. You hit the spot ! Chocolate !!and I never would have thought of lavender. Good going girl! I think you will be a winner with that one!
    How do you find the time?

  15. Valli,
    Sounds delectable!! I'm salivating here as I look at your fondue!!

  16. MMMmmmm....YUM. I think I could drink that fondue. Looks irresistable!!


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