22 July 2007

The Ultimate!!!! Corn on the Cob

Summer is definitely here once fresh corn on the cob is available at the roadside stands. Several Canadian provinces will boast the best corn in the country. They grow great corn elsewhere as well!! I have lived in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia and have had great corn from each province!!
Each person has a favourite variety or a favourite location from which to purchase the ultimate corn on the cob!! What is your favourite variety of corn? Do you grow it yourself? How do you cook it?
I buy the best corn on the cob grown locally. It is peaches & cream corn and the best ...by far....in this area. Always delicious and dripping down the arm juicy!!
To cook it I husk the corn, removing all of the silk. I place several of the corn husks in the bottom of a large pot with lid, place the cobs on the bed of husks and pour in several inches of water. Turn heat onto high and steam for about 6 - 10 minutes depending on how you like your corn cooked. Do not remove lid!!!! Remove corn and slather with butter and a little salt.
All I need then is a few fresh garden grown tomatoes and dilled baby potatoes and I have one of my all time favourite meals!!!!
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  1. Much to the chagrin of those living in Europe but NOTHING beats corn from the Americas, afterall it's indigenous to our soils.

  2. So right, nothing can beat the corn- unless you live in Florida, like I do. NO good corn here in Southern Florida- nothing like corn in New Jersey or PA. I have to say- this picture made me salivate. I'm going to PA at the end of the month and i am going to eat fresh corn and tomatoes daily!! Your blog is absolutely mouth-watering, photos are fantastic.

  3. Thanks Arties. I'm sure the corn in Pasadena will be as delicious as anywhere!!!!


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