16 July 2007


I have been given a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" Award by Holler at http://tinnedtomatoes.blogspot.com/. I consider it to be an honor. For once someone is not offering me the seniors discount so I am very grateful for that as well!

I am relatively new to blogging and have not chatted with many of my fellow bloggers as yet....some of you are not even girls (so sorry I cannot nominate you at all).

And the bloggees are............drum roll please..........

Holler at http://tinnedtomatoes.blogspot.com/.

I have been inspired to add some vegetarian choices to my cooking with Holler's delicious sounding posts and "droolworthy" photos. She always puts a smile on my face and that is quite a feat from across the Atlantic. Even though the sun is not shining lately in her native Scotland she puts sunshine into my days. I have enjoyed getting a glimpse into her life. Keep up the creative work Holler!

Nikki at http://www.canarygirl.com/

With 4 children, a husband and a busy life in the Canary Islands, I am inspired by her creative posts and beautiful pictures. I don't know where she finds the time!! She sounds so warm and genuine that I'd like to just scoop her up and bottle her. I need to bottle some of her energy as well!!She always sounds like she is having a great day!! Kudos to you as well canarygirl!

Jen at http://www.leftoverqueen.com/

Jen from Florida makes my days sunshine and roses reading her imaginative posts. She has inspired me with many creative dishes from her Mediterranean classes and vegetarian repertoire and gets my creative juices flowing. She makes me want to live in Florida so that I can attend her classes!!! She is the creator and founder of the "Foodie Blog Roll" and the "Foodie Joust" and has expanded our horizons and enabled us to make many new blogging friends. Good luck to her in all her endeavors. Double kudos to you!!! Best Blogger Tips


  1. Aww, thanks Val! What a lovely thing to say!

  2. Thank you so much Valli! :) What a great way to begin my birthday! :) You are too sweet. :)


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