17 July 2007

My Poor Clogged Arteries.....

Poutine originated in French Canada and if there ever was the ultimate fast food..this beats the competition hands down...in my opinion. To find out all you need to know about Poutine visit http://www.montrealpoutine.com/ .

Poutine is Acadian for "mushy mess" and is best for your clogged arteries. Although a serving once in a while does not a sinner make.

By the way there is also a correct way to pronounce it as well. Phonetically it is "peu-tin" and not "pou-teen."

The potatoes must be hand-cut and fried in lard and not oil ,or any other politically-correct oils, because they will spoil the unique flavour. You must use fresh cheddar cheese curds or "squeaky cheese"...no substitutions.

The curds are placed on top of the hot fries and smothered in hot gravy for that melt in your mouth goodness.

My recipe for Poutine.......

1. purchase fries and gravy at "Shady Rest"
2. purchase curds at Paul's Fruit & Produce
3. ASSEMBLE!!... or drive to Penticton to Jeffrey's Fryzz. They have my vote for the best ever!!

A true recipe can actually be found on the above web site.

At least tonight when I had my fast food I added a salad!

Try it...your arteries will love you.... Best Blogger Tips


  1. Wow. This is a blast from the past! Totally forgot about poutine. It really is great.

  2. Sadly (for my butt)... this is my favorite food on the PLANET... funny, I just bought the ingredients to make it and post about it myself! I'll probably do it on the weekend and post it next week!

  3. This is great Valli! We have always wanted to make Poutine - having lived in New England, so close to Canada for many years! This is French Canadian comfort food at it's best! Best wishes to your arteries! ;)


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