15 July 2007


Jefferz Fries
When your birthday falls on the weekend and your free from work and any other commitments it becomes a "ME" day. I am spending my "ME" day with my daughter ..at her suggestion. A word to the wise..when your teenage daughter wants to spend the day with you jump all over that and take her up on it in a second!!!!!

So what have I requested for "ME" day? Heading south. I grew up in the province of Ontario where on a Sunday we would go for a drive and visit the local farm markets for fresh produce and drink in the beautiful countryside with it's pioneer fences, rolling hills, endless lakes, vineyards and orchards. It was always inevitable that we would stop at one of the "chip" trucks for some french fries as well. Living in British Columbia "chip" trucks are against all bylaws, but, they do have one truck in the valley on Nanaimo Square. Jeff has been selling from his "Jeffer's Fryzz" truck for 24 years.


For lunch I am going to have a huge heaping bowl of Poutine. For those of you are not in the know, or not Canadian, poutine is french fries (has to be the homemade kind) with a scoop of Quebec cheese curd (squeaky cheese) and smothered in gravy. My daughter being very health conscious will probably forgo the gravy...and the cheese for that matter.....but it 's my party... and I'll cry later. With our fresh seasonal cherries and peaches picked up from my favourite fruitstand "Granny's" we will head for our afternoon at the beach. 

Then we are off to one of my favourite Greek restaurants "Theo's"It has survived for over 30 years in the same location and with good reason! Passing through the modest doors on Main Street it is like passing through a stargate to a sunny Mediterranean island. I really hope there is place for us in the light-filled courtyard amongst the trees and flowers. It feels like a family home with all mementos and photographs from over the years.

I will keep you posted ...no pun intended...

P.S. Had a great day!!!!!!!
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  1. Happy Birthday! :)

    Have a great girls day with your daughter!


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